Chapter 510: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (5)

    Chapter 510: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (5)

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    Suddenly, a red figure, followed by a strong aura shot across the heavens, swiftly charging towards Gu Ruoyun. Before the Honorable Sir Tianqi could reach her, the figure had landed next to her and pulled the young girl into an embrace.

    Crimson robes and silvery hair had created a dazzling sight as he shot down from the heavens. The man was as beautiful as an ethereal being. His entire being was currently drenched with sorrow from head to toe.

    "Xiao Yun, I'm so sorry I was late."

    "Don't worry, I won't allow those who have harmed you to continue to live! I'll make them all pay, even if I have to slaughter everyone in the entire world!"

    A torrential wind rose as the man's crimson robes fluttered gently under the sky. He looked like a dazzling devil of the night.

    A fiery rage then burst from the man's body and red flames lit the man's robes. He slowly raised his peerlessly beautiful face. At this moment, the man's pupils were filled with a thirst for blood and an extreme fury which could destroy the world!

    Bai Xiangtian's face gradually darkened. He did not know why but he could sense death reeking from that man's entire being!

    "It was you? You're the ones responsible for hurting her?"

    Qianbei Ye cradled the blood-soaked young girl tightly in his arms as he slowly turned around. His red, blood-thirsty, demonic eyes glared icily at the nearby elders of the Immortal Realm. A gloomy light shrouded his peerlessly beautiful face. His body emitted the air of a devil who had stepped out from the Gates of Hell. Every step he took seemed to drop a heavy weight into the hearts of everyone in the area. They all watched, trembling in fear at the sight of the silver-haired man.


    Bai Xiangtian's heart sank as he spoke in a cold manner, "There's so many of us and only one of him. There's no way that we can't suppress him together!"

    Hearing this, the members of the Immortal Realm glanced at one another before charging quickly at Qianbei Ye.

    A powerful black flame erupted from Qianbei Ye's body and enveloped his entire being. His red pupils glared eerily at the group of people charging towards him.

    He slowly raised his hand and grabbed one of the white-robed elder's head tightly. In one swift motion, he brutally tore the man's head from his neck. Fresh blood splattered everywhere, casting an even more demonic look to the man's crimson appearance...

    This demonic-looking man had managed to tear a Martial Honor's head off with just one hand!

    Forget about the elders of the Immortal Realm, even the Honorable Sir Tianqi was dumbstruck. He never thought that this man, who had acted like a harmless little pet in front of the Gu girl, would resort to such cruel measures.

    "You damned boy, you'd dare to lay filthy hands on an elder from the Immortal Realm. You're asking for death!"

    The rest of the elders from the Immortal Realm were thoroughly enraged. Their faces were twisted with anger as if the man before them had desecrated their ancestral graves. They then charged furiously towards him.

    The entire desert was soon dyed red with blood. Countless Immortal Realm elders fell under the hands of Qianbei Ye. Some even had their bodies destroyed beyond recognition. However, not only the Martial Honors had snuck into Cloud City, the rest slowly began to reveal themselves as well.

    Over ten Martial Honors were either dead or wounded. What's left was around five or six of them with ten remaining Martial Emperors. Even if all the powers of the mainland were to join forces, they would all be destroyed by such a large group unless they belonged to the Courts of Hell or the Spirit Sect.

    "What on earth was the Immortal Realm planning to do? They've actually sent so many people!"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi's gaze darkened and a hard glint flashed across his pupils, "So many powerful cultivators, that's equivalent to about half of the Immortal Realm's might. Whatever it is, the Immortal Realm certainly didn't mobilize so many people for the sake of going up against the Spirit Sect and the Courts of Hell. There's got to be something else in Cloud City that we are unaware of. It's a good thing that the members of the Immortal Realm have lost their cool. This incident involving Gu Ruoyun has definitely lured out all the hidden Martial Honors."
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