Chapter 513: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (8)

    Chapter 513: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (8)

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    If this was a dream, he would want to stay asleep forever.

    "Xiao Ye, you're hurt."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her hand and gently wiped the blood from the corner of the man's lips. Her eyes were filled with heartache, "Don't worry, I've only fallen asleep for a little while. Besides, I've promised you that I would join you."

    To tell the truth, when she saw those Martial Honors, she was certain that she had encountered a critical situation and felt that she might not make it out alive. However, she didn't expect Zixie to awaken at the very last minute!

    However, with Zixie's current level of strength, utilizing the flames of resurrection had required some extra time. That was why it took some time before she could come back to life.

    "Xiao Yun, you're alive. Thank goodness."

    Qianbei Ye held Gu Ruoyun tightly and his voice was trembling.

    He was afraid that if he made one mistake, he would lose her forever.

    That was not a kind of pain that he could bear!

    "Xiao Ye..." In his embrace, Gu Ruoyun felt a pang of hurt from within her heart as she felt the man shaking.

    The memories of their time together began to replay slowly in her mind's eye.

    When they had met for the first time, this peerlessly beautiful man was absolutely heart-stopping. In that moment, when he had opened his eyes, he called her his 'wife' in that muddled way but with such gentleness. She will forever remember that moment...

    Since then, this man has followed her everywhere. He was like a piece of sticky candy, impossible to shake off.

    But even Gu Ruoyun herself could not understand why she would place so much of her trust on this man who was a total stranger. It was the kind of trust that seemed to continue from within, drawing her towards it from an unseen world.

    "Xiao Ye, leave the rest to me for now, okay?"

    Gu Ruoyun slowly shut her eyes then gingerly opened them again. She got up from Qianbei Ye's arms and cast a withering glare from her clear, cold eyes, "Zixie, my comrade, seeing as you're now awake, kill them all... For me!"

    Just as she spoke, a burst of purple flames erupted from Gu Ruoyun's body and shot towards the sky. A set of dark-reddish purple robes fluttered against the winds from the purple flames, slowly appearing before the eyes of the world.

    This man was extremely handsome. His beauty does not contain the air of dominance that Qianbei Ye has, nor does it have a magnificence like Zuo Shangchen. His beauty was like an evil monster as a demonic smile flitted across his purple eyes.

    The man's reddish-purple robes were richly embroidered with gold thread. His every move displayed such a regal air, it was as if he was the very picture of nobility, so handsome that everything on earth seemed to have lost their color.

    This was especially true for the purple flame between the man's brows. It served to further enhance his ethereal manner, making him look ten thousand times nobler.

    "Little girl, I've only been asleep for a little while and you've nearly thrown away your own life. Will you ever not cause me worry?"

    Zixie sighed as his purple eyes filled with anxiety.

    "I'm sorry I've made you worry." Gu Ruoyun observed Zixie's handsome visage, "I've always known that I'm still not powerful enough. I will utilize the fastest methods to increase my power so that you can have your breakthrough in peace."

    "Little girl, let me deal with these people first."

    Zixie took one look at Qianbei Ye then retracted his gaze, placing his attention on the members of the Immortal Realm. His lips curled into a demonic smile as he spoke eerily, "This girl is my Master and you've harmed her in my absence. So tell me, how should I punish you for this?"

    At this moment, Bai Xiangtian's expression was filled with terror.

    It had been hard enough to go up against Qianbei Ye alone. Now, another powerful cultivator has appeared! Just what does this girl have to get so many people to protect her?
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