Chapter 514: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (9)

    Chapter 514: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (9)

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    "It's the Ancient Divine Phoenix!"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi has recovered from his initial shock and was now staring at the man in purple robes. He muttered to himself, "There's no mistake, this man is the Ancient Divine Phoenix from the legends. However, it was said that the Ancient Divine Phoenix had disappeared over ten thousand years ago. What is he doing here now? He's also calling the Gu girl his Master, this... What's going on here?"

    "The Ancient Divine Phoenix?"

    Elder Jiu was slightly astonished and stared in confusion at the Honorable Sir Tianqi who was standing next to him. Before he could voice his question, the handsome demonic figure made his move...

    No one saw how he did it. All they could see were multiple holes piercing through the bodies of those from the Immortal Realm and blood which then spurted out like a fountain. Subsequently, their upright figures fell to the ground.

    The man's purple robes remained spotless as he stood tall against the wild winds. Not a single drop of blood had stained his robes.


    Bai Xiangtian and the rest of the Martial Honors took one look at each other and gave up all hope of defeating the enemy. They immediately turned around and fled for their lives. Unfortunately, before they could run very far, a flash of purple robes stood before them, blocking their way.

    In this moment, Bai Xiangtian finally understood true fear. He turned towards the Honorable Sir Tianqi who was standing behind him and screamed, "Honorable Sir Tianqi, remember that we are still needed in the war between the mainland and the demons. Will you beg for mercy on our behalf or do you want to plunge the people of this mainland into misery and suffering?"

    His tone had softened and no longer held his initially aggressive and snobbish manner.

    Regardless of the situation, the only person who has a chance to help him was the Honorable Sir Tianqi who still has a pretty good relationship with Gu Ruoyun!

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi fell silent as he considered this point . The Demon War is coming soon and if we were to lose this many Martial Honors now, it would not benefit the mainland at all.

    He sighed at the thought and turned to Gu Ruoyun, "Little girl, can you show me a bit of consideration and let these old farts off for now. Don't worry, I'll watch over these old farts and will personally ensure that they will not get any chance to exact revenge on you. As for your grudge against them, perhaps you could settle things after the Demon War. By then, I will certainly keep my mouth shut."

    If Gu Ruoyun had been killed by the elders of the Immortal Realm, he would not have stood up for them even if the entire Immortal Realm were to be wiped out. Seeing as the Gu girl was still alive, obviously, as an elder of the Spirit Sect, he would have to put a lot more into consideration.

    "Honorable Sir Tianqi, there's nothing more for you to say." Gu Ruoyun shook her head and replied calmly, "These people must die today!"

    "Little girl, I'm not asking you to let them off completely. I'm only asking for you to wait until after the Demon War before killing them. There are far too few Martial Honors on this mainland. If they die now, the Immortal Realm will have lost half of their Martial Honors and will not stand a chance against the demons. All I ask is for you to wait for the war to end first. At that point, even if you don't deal with them, I will personally sign their death warrant!"

    After every battle, they would have a ten-year grace period before the next struggle would begin. The date of the next battle was getting closer and closer. It would be impossible for them to train up over ten Martial Honors by that time. That was why the Honorable Sir Tianqi has given his suggestion.

    His suggestion was to kill these people once they've outlived their usefulness!

    "I don't believe that the mainland will land in such a critical situation after losing these few people." Gu Ruoyun smiled coolly as she swept her gaze at Bai Xiangtian's pale face, "You knew that your actions would cost you everything you've achieved so why had you gone through with it? There's no way that I will let you off even if you had asked the Honorable Sir Tianqi to beg for mercy for you."
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