Chapter 518: The Banished Lands (1)

    Chapter 518: The Banished Lands (1)

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    "Shall we begin our journey to the Banished Lands, little girl?"

    Zixie glanced at Gu Ruoyun with a peculiar look in his eyes which left as quickly as it came.


    Gu Ruoyun nodded, "The sooner we move, the better. We'll need about half a year to make the journey from here to the Banished Lands. We don't have any time to waste. Honorable Sir Tianqi, will you please return and let my maternal grandfather and grandmother know of the situation? I'll be home within three or five years at the most."

    Noting her insistence, the Honorable Sir Tianqi sighed and smiled bitterly, "Little girl, no matter what, you must watch out for yourself. Be safe."

    "I will."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. With a wave of her hand, Qianbei Ye's sleeping form suddenly disappeared. Then, she turned to face Zixie and said, "Zixie, we can go now."

    Zixie took one look at Gu Ruoyun and transformed into a purple light, returning to the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi blinked then stared in astonishment at the young girl's disappearing figure. He simply could not figure out where she had sent Qianbei Ye off to...

    This little girl, could it be that she has some sort of containment treasure? However, most containment treasures can only hoard objects. When have they designed one that can hold a living, breathing being?


    The Honorable Poison Master scoffed coldly and directed his creepy gaze at the Honorable Sir Tianqi, "Honorable Sir Tianqi, you're making it too easy for me nowadays. Just now, I chose not to collect my debt from you on account of the Gu girl's presence. I'd love to see how you're going to escape me this time!"


    That eerie voice instantly caused the Honorable Sir Tianqi's hair to stand on end. Without another word, his body transformed into a ray of light and shot towards a faraway direction...

    This old fart is like a madman, he thought.  In addition, his entire body is covered with poison. He's difficult to deal with and hard to hide from!

    "Honorable Sir Tianqi, you will die today!"

    The Honorable Poison Master scoffed and chased after the Honorable Sir Tianqi in a flash. Soon, two rays of light disappeared into the sky with one following the other as the onlookers who had hidden away slowly regained their senses...

    News of this battle will spread very soon and they were lucky enough to witness it and survive.

    The name of Gu Ruoyun shall henceforth spread far and wide. Even the Dongfang family, who had merely tagged along with her, rose as a result of her reputation. No one dared to provoke them.

    She was someone who had dared to kill the Immortal Realm's members and also owned spiritual beasts near the rank of a Martial Honor. Who would dare to provoke a devil like that? You probably would not even have the time to hide from her wrath...

    As such, after this incident, the people who had been lucky enough to witness this fight immediately returned to their respective families and warned them to never provoke this demon! Not even the little footboy who guards the Dongfang family door should be touched at all! Who knows how far this demon's reach truly is? What if that footboy happened to receive her favor, does that mean that an entire family would be exterminated?

    A demon like her will definitely do something like that...


    The distance between Gu Ruoyun and the city gates wasn't very great. She moved quickly and at a fast pace, not bothering to even look at the bodies of the members of the Medicine Order which were littered all over the ground. She moved as swiftly as the wind and soon reached the formidable-looking city gates.

    "After leaving this place, I'll be on my way to the Banished Lands! I must obtain a Hell's Lotus no matter what. No one will ever take Xiao Ye away from me!"

    The young girl paused in her steps and stared at the large simple-looking gate. Tightening the resolve in her eyes, she muttered, "Xiao Ye, you must wait for me. I will not let you remain in your slumber like this..."
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