Chapter 519: The Banished Lands (2)

    Chapter 519: The Banished Lands (2)

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    This was a lonely desert and not a single person was in sight.

    The main difference between this desert and the one in Cloud City was that the sky, instead of being a clear blue color, was colored red as if it was burning. The sky illuminated the desert with a bright, crimson glare. As such, at one glance, the desert was a magnificent shade of red.

    However, this desert has an absolutely terrifying name - The Wasteland of Death!

    This means that anyone who enters The Wasteland of Death would narrowly escape death! Only one person out of nine would be able to pass!

    Be it the sandstorms that were strong enough to cut a person into a million pieces or the fiery snakes which lurk in every corner of the Wasteland of Death, one could meet a violent death - easily!

    At this very moment in the Wasteland of Death, a young girl dressed in green robes pressed on with great difficulty against the wind. She raised her hand in an attempt to shield herself from the strong winds and squinted her eyes to prevent dust from flying into them. She could not even widen her view but even so, she never looked back.

    "It's been almost half a year since I've left Cloud City. Walking through this Wasteland of Death would take about another month or so. I reckon that I'll be passing by this place very soon. However, I'm quite fortunate to have avoided the sandstorms. Otherwise, I probably won't come out of here alive."

    Even a Martial Honor would be killed instantly if they were to encounter a sandstorm in the Wasteland of Death!

    However, even if she had avoided the sandstorms, she still has to face countless fiery snakes. It's a good thing that she's a pill master. She has prepared many antidotes prior to her journey. This was why she has managed to survive the fiery snakes' poison.

    However, while the poison from the fiery snakes can be cured, the winds in the Wasteland of Death cannot be blocked out.

    As this was the first trial to the Banished Lands, naturally the Wasteland of Death would not be easy to cross. Every wind in this area was as sharp as a knife and Gu Ruoyun felt as if many blades were cutting through her body every second.

    And she had been traveling in the Wasteland of Death for almost a month!

    Just as Gu Ruoyun was journeying through these challenging conditions, a red sea of fire came into view. Its boiling fumes rolled towards her, causing one to feel like they could melt under the extreme heat.

    This was the second trial of the Banished Lands - The Sea of Hellfire!

    Should anyone wish to visit the Banished Lands, after passing through the Wasteland of Death, one would still need to cross this sea of fire. A person who lacked enough resolve or one who was too weak would be disintegrated into ashes the moment they walked out of the Sea of Hellfire.

    Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath and muttered, "After the Sea of Hellfire, I will enter the Prison of Piercing Icebergs! Each trial will be more difficult than the last but I must endure all of this if I ever want to enter the Banished Lands..."

    She raised her pure, delicate features at the thought of this and her eyes sparkled with determination.

    All these years, Xiao Ye had always given me everything, she thought.  This time, no matter how great the suffering or the torture, I must keep pushing forward!


    Within a thick forest, a girl drenched in blood staggered forward. Her body looked as if it had reached its limit and could no longer support her own weight. In the end, she unwillingly allowed herself to fall to the ground.

    "The ten deadly trials, I've actually managed to go through them all."

    No one could comprehend just how dangerous the ten deadly trials truly were and no one knew how much suffering she has had to endure.

    If she had not kept the thought of Qianbei Ye who was stuck in a deep sleep constantly in her mind, she probably would have given up long ago. In the end, she had persisted through it all.

    Gu Ruoyun wiped the blood from the corner of her lips and prepared to continue her journey... Suddenly, she heard a wretched voice from further up North, blocking her way.

    "Haha, this must be my lucky day. I might not have been able to harvest any profits but I've somehow managed to pick up a little girl. Tsk, tsk. She's a little ugly but her figure isn't too bad. Little girl, how about coming with this uncle. What do you say? Hahaha!"
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