Chapter 525: The Banished Lands (8)

    Chapter 525: The Banished Lands (8)

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    "My Lady, Sir Lu, you've returned... so soon?"

    At this moment, outside the gates of Black Rock City, a middle-aged man quickly ran to greet Gu Ruoyun and her party members upon their arrival. He spoke joyfully, "Did you manage to find the Infinite Sacred Fruit?"

    Murong Yan's gaze darkened and she shook her head, "Uncle Liu, I wasn't able to find the Infinite Sacred Fruit, the cure for grandfather's disease. We were attacked by spiritual beasts..."

    Murong Yan was about to reveal her betrayal but Lu Shaochen shot her a look and stopped her.

    "Uncle Liu, we're going to see the old Master first."

    Lu Shaochen retracted his gaze and smiled as he spoke.

    Uncle Liu, whose face was already filled with disappointment, suddenly turned anxious upon hearing Murong Yan's explanation, "My Lady, Sir Lu, are you both alright?"

    "We're fine," Lu Shaochen smiled, "We were lucky enough to bump into Miss Gu. She saved us."


    Uncle Liu was momentarily stunned and turned towards the bloodstained woman who was standing next to Lu Shaochen. A wave of doubt passed through the recesses of his heart. He finally spoke gratefully, "Thank you, Miss, for saving their lives."

    Seeing this, Ye Nuo hurriedly chimed in, "She's my bodyguard!"

    In other words, how could one possibly forget about him if there were thanks being given?

    However, Gu Ruoyun seemed to have gotten used to Ye Nuo and ignored him. She smiled calmly, "There's no need for thanks. Could you find me a place where I can freshen up?"

    At this moment, the blood on her face had dried and turned into a thoroughly unflattering shade of brown. She had not found a source of water in the forest and Murong Yan and Lu Shaochen's water container had been lost as they were running away from the spiritual beasts so she could only wash off the blood on her body once she had reached Black Rock City.

    "Uncle Liu, please escort Miss Gu to the bath." Lu Shangchen instructed Uncle Liu before turning towards Gu Ruoyun and said, "Miss Gu, as a newcomer, perhaps you'd like to stay in Black Rock City for a while longer? As it happens, a huge auction will be held in Black Rock City in just a few days. You can join the Murong family and attend the auction with us."

    An auction?

    Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin.

    Zixie had only mentioned that I can find the Hell's Lotus in the Banished Land but he never told me its exact location. Perhaps I could try my luck in this auction.


    Gu Ruoyun nodded, "Since that's the case, I'll stay a few more days."

    Lu Shaochen's heart leaped for joy, "Then let's make our way to the Murong family home."

    Seeing how Gu Ruoyun had made no objections, Ye Nuo naturally tagged along. He was in it for the fun, after all, so he didn't really care where he went.

    And most importantly, he had developed a particular interest in this bodyguard of his.


    The Murong family home.

    Murong Yan was about to set foot in the front door when a delicate and beautiful figure rushed towards her. The figure's her elegant face was shining with joy.

    "Yan'er, you've finally returned."

    She grabbed Murong Yan's hand as she spoke and her eyes were wet with tears, "I've been so worried."

    Murong Yan suddenly remembered everything she has had to endure in the forest and found it difficult to set aside all traces of her feelings. She replied in a distant tone, "Big Sister, you've been through a lot of trouble."

    Murong Rou'er stared blankly for a moment and looked at her own hand with a slightly dirty look on her face. She then forced her beautiful visage into a smile.

    "What's wrong, Yan'er? Why are you acting so strangely to your Big Sister all of a sudden? You don't know how much I've been worried about you in your absence. Unfortunately, I do not have the capabilities. Otherwise, I would have insisted on looking for grandfather's healing remedy in your place."
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