Chapter 526: The Banished Lands (9)

    Chapter 526: The Banished Lands (9)

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    Worried about me?

    Longing for my early death is more like it!

    Murong Yan sneered. Despite the fact that she and Murong Rou'er were half-siblings, she had always treated her like a biological sister. Her older sister had been frail since birth and was constantly bullied by others.

    Every time, it was she who would stand up for her big sister and protected her! She had even taught her how to manage the Murong family business and handed it over to her. She had done all these to ensure that her big sister would no longer have to endure such abuse. Plus, she had also willingly become a talented woman with no brains.

    Now, it was well-known throughout Black Rock City that the eldest daughter of the Murong family has a mind like an encyclopedia with an admirably sharp wit. But does anyone know that the person who had come up with all the plans for the Murong family business was actually Murong Yan?

    Even so, she then returned her efforts with a reciprocation like this!


    Afraid that Murong Yan would accidentally blurt something out, Lu Shaochen hurriedly pulled her to his side. He observed how Murong Rou'er no longer held the initial gentleness she had shown Murong Yan. Her eyes now held a chill that could ward off a person for a thousand miles.

    "Yan'er and I wish to see the old Master. Also, these two are our friends. I've already arranged things with Uncle Liu."

    He then dragged Murong Yan towards the direction of the back courtyard.

    Murong Rou'er gripped her handkerchief tightly in her hand as she watched the two of them leave. A vicious glint flashed across her mesmerizing eyes.

    Lu Shaochen, why is it that your eyes would only ever behold that woman, Murong Yan! She fumed.  Everyone knows that other than her talent, Murong Yan has nothing else! She's nothing but a brainless idiot with big boobs. And even though I have no power, I'm the only one who is worthy of inheriting the Murong family!

    Hence, only I can be the perfect match for you!

    As for that fool, Murong Yan, she has outlived her usefulness. It's about time for me to throw her away. Unfortunately, those spiritual beasts had not managed to kill her. She's certainly got a long life!

    Gu Ruoyun observed Murong Rou'er calmly. Therefore, she had managed to catch the vicious glint in her eyes. However, as long as the other party does not provoke her, she has no intentions of butting in...

    Murong Rou'er quickly recollected herself. She glanced at Gu Ruoyun before turning and leaving the front courtyard.


    In the elder's courtyard, an old man was in the midst of a conversation with his subordinates when he noticed a woman stepping into the yard. His initially stern face softened, "Rou'er, what are you doing here?"

    Honestly, he, like the others, had looked down upon Murong Rou'er in the beginning. After all, in the Banished Lands, where the laws of the jungle are heavily applied, no one would have bothered with a good-for-nothing.

    However, when Murong Rou'er was only ten years old, she displayed a shocking talent in business and opened up a new world for the Murong family which was in dire straits at the time. It was because of this that the elders began to sit up and take notice of this frail young girl.

    Especially since that girl was only ten years old at the time!

    Until this very day, no one knew that it wasn't really Murong Rou'er who had solved the problems of the Murong family... It was really the eight-year-old Murong Yan!

    This includes Lu Shaochen!

    "Elder Er," Murong Rou'er smiled gently and her frail figure looked as if it could be blown away by the wind at any moment. She was a pitiful sight "Yan'er and Brother Chen have returned."


    Elder Er frowned, "Were they able to find the Infinite Sacred Fruit?"

    "No," Murong Rou'er sighed, "They've only been gone for a day yet they've already returned home. How could the Infinite Sacred Fruit be found so easily? However, I believe that Yan'er, who has always been favored by my grandfather, would not forsake him on purpose."
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