Chapter 527: The Banished Lands (10)

    Chapter 527: The Banished Lands (10)

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    Indeed, once the last syllable fell, Elder Er was immediately enraged. He scoffed coldly, "Rou'er, you don't have to cover up for that idiot. She has obviously lost her nerve and decided to give up on the old Master! What a loss for the Master who had once loved her so much and this is how she repays him!"

    Naturally, Murong Yan's early return was due to the Herb of Anxiety.

    Even after changing her clothes, her body remained tainted with the smell of the herb. So no matter where she went, she would attract a herd of spiritual beasts. She had no choice but to return home early.

    "Please don't be angry, Elder Er, Yan'er didn't do it on purpose. Besides, it's not like she had come back empty-handed. At least she came back with two beggars, one who's an adult and one who's a child."

    It's not like Murong Rou'er had looked down on Gu Ruoyun but based on her torn and tattered state, she could not have been anything else but a beggar. As for Ye Nuo, seeing as he had accompanied her, she had assumed that he was a beggar as well.


    Elder Er burst into rage, "This Murong Yan has crossed the line. Not only has she returned after just one day, she's even picked up two beggars along the way. What kind of a place does she think this is that any beggar can enter at will? Servants, have someone throw the beggars whom the Second Lady has brought into the house out of here before they can dirty the floors of my Murong family home."

    Murong Rou'er looked shocked and quickly stopped him, "Elder Er, this is no good. They're Yan'er's guests after all. If you do this, Yan'er will certainly get angry and as her big sister, I cannot condone any grievance to befall my little sister. Please, let it go, Elder Er. For my sake."

    She spoke in a voice filled with emotion.

    Of course, a sinister light escaped through her eyelids.

    "Rou'er, you don't need to get angry for that idiot's sake. The old Master is now sick and bedridden. No one can shield her now. I've never liked that brainless idiot! She's completely useless and was always stirring up some form of trouble."

    Elder Er was so caught up in his rage that he missed the sinister look in Murong Rou'er's eyes.

    No one knew that every time Murong Yan was provoked, it had always been a result of her machinations. Every time someone had insulted her, that idiot would jump into action and fight for her. Hence, she would always stir up trouble, building her reputation as an arrogant despot; a girl with huge melons but zero brains.

    The most laughable part was that even Murong Yan herself was blissfully unaware of this. She was unaware that Murong Rou'er had purposely hired those people and that it was she who had spread the rumors about her reputation.

    She has always been in the dark about this and would always treat me like her dearest older sister, thought Murong Rou'er.

    "But, Elder Er..." Murong Rou'er hurriedly concealed the light in her eyes and tried to speak. However, she was cut off by Elder Er's furious tone.

    "No more excuses. How do you think the other families will look at us if the Murong family were to welcome these beggars? I'm going to throw them out right now! Rou'er, let me give you a piece of advice. You may treat Murong Yan like a little sister but she may not be as sincere as you. Mixing with an idiot like that will only damage your reputation."

    Murong Rou'er bit her lip and slowly lowered her head. A sneer flashed unseen across her face.

    Murong Yan, don't blame me for being heartless! She thought.  If anyone was to blame, blame Grandfather for favoring you too much.

    If I don't destroy your reputation, how can I remain in the Murong family? What would I have to pluck Lu Shaochen off of you? Only when your good name has sunk to the bottom of the ocean can I truly have everything I deserve. Whether it's the Murong family or Lu Shaochen, all will become mine...
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