Chapter 529: Murong Rouer (2)

    Chapter 529: Murong Rou'er (2)

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    "What are you all standing around for? Get that little b*stard!"

    By the looks of it, that guard was the leader of the group. He bellowed his order with a blackened face.

    The group of guards seemed to regain their senses and immediately charged towards Ye Nuo.

    Even though Ye Nuo's powers were above average despite his young age, this group of guards could not be considered as weaklings either. With so many people charging towards him, Ye Nuo jumped with fright.

    Just as he was slipping into a daze, a hand reached out from behind him followed by the girl's clear, cool voice. The guards charging towards him were blown away by a forceful wind and flew out of the way with a loud crash.

    "There are so many of you yet you're bullying a ten-year-old child. This doesn't look too good on you, does it?"

    The girl, dressed in green robes, stood tall in front of Ye Nuo and shielded him from view like a proud bamboo tree.

    Her expression was calm as her clear gaze watched the fallen guards.

    "Bodyguard Gu, you're the best!"

    Ye Nuo jumped for joy and his face was flushed pink in an adorable manner. He even remembered to pull a face behind Gu Ruoyun and sniggered, "Insult me if you dare. Step up and fight against my Bodyguard Gu if you think you can! Bodyguard Gu, beat them to death, give them all you've got!"

    The guards' faces turned into a plethora of ugly colors.

    They had not even managed to see that woman's attack!

    This means that this woman's level of strength far surpassed their own.

    Didn't Elder Er say that she was just a common beggar? They wondered.  How could a beggar possess such strong abilities?

    "You, report this Elder Er quickly."

    The guard who had spewed insults at Ye Nuo spoke up.

    One of the guards immediately hurried off. He ran as if his life depended on it.

    "Ye Nuo, let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun lightly raised her head and spoke with a calm voice.

    Ye Nuo said nothing else and followed Gu Ruoyun as she left, sticking very closely by her side. He puffed his chest and walked arrogantly out the door.

    No other guards dared to stop them, allowing them to leave the room without further incident.

    In the courtyard, the leaves of the willow trees cast a desolate air. A fresh breeze could be felt, like the gentle caress of a mother's soft hand.

    Gu Ruoyun and Ye Nuo have only just emerged from their room when a loud voice bellowed from a close distance ahead. The sound of it sent tremors across the entire courtyard.

    "Little girl, you've got some nerve. You've dared to put your hands on the members of the Murong household! Didn't your parents ever teach you how to behave as a guest in one's house? Have you never learned proper etiquette?"

    An elderly figure descended before them out of thin air. His elderly features were as cold as ice as he shot a cold glare towards Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun paused in her steps and stared expressionlessly back at the elder before her. She replied curtly, "My mother had only ever taught me this: 'When a guest arrives at your home, you must treat them with courtesy and politeness'. She certainly did not teach me to treat my guests like beggars and sweep them out the front door. Could this be a family etiquette exclusive to the Murong family?"

    Elder Er furrowed his brows and thought that the lady in green, who had pure, delicate and pretty features, looked nothing like a beggar.

    However, Rou'er had said that she was a beggar so that information can't be false.

    Rou'er, that intelligent and kind woman, could not possibly manipulate him into doing such a thing.


    Elder Er scoffed icily at the thought and replied arrogantly, "You're absolutely right, little girl. One should definitely treat one's guests with courtesy and politeness. But were you actually a guest of the Murong family? We elders never formally approved your presence here. The Eldest Lady had not sent you an invitation so could you really be considered as a guest of the Murong family?"
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