Chapter 531: Murong Rouer (4)

    Chapter 531: Murong Rou'er (4)

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    Of course, if she had not bumped into Gu Ruoyun, it's likely that she'll never believe that Murong Rou'er was trying to kill her!

    "Yan'er, you'd actually... You'd actually think that of me? Am I truly that kind of a person to you?"

    Just as Murong Yan fell into a deep thought, she heard a sorrowful and heartbroken voice from behind her.

    There was no need for her to search for the source of that soft and frail voice. She knew whose voice it was!

    Murong Rou'er bit her lip as her eyes welled up with tears, she looked absolutely heartbroken. Her entire face was the very picture of someone who had been crushed by the betrayal of a person closest to her. Her already fragile frame now trembled in the gentle wind. As if she did not dare believe her ears, she asked, "Yan'er, all these years, how have I been treating you? Why would you say such a thing about me and accuse me of plotting to kill you? Don't forget, it was I who had once taken a sword for you. If I had wanted to harm you, why would I stand in the way of that sword ten years ago?"

    Hearing this, Murong Yan laughed coldly.

    That's right, Murong Rou'er had saved her life once upon a time. It was because of this that she had ended up doing so many things for Murong Rou'er.

    But now that she thought of it, Murong Rou'er's previous actions had been only for the sake of manipulating her.

    Otherwise, how could she, who was once nothing more than a good-for-nothing, achieve such a great foothold in the Murong family?

    Now, she has successfully influenced everyone in the Murong family. So, a mere stepping stone, like Murong Yan herself, could be easily kicked aside.

    The funniest thing was all these years, she had always been so close to me!

    "Eldest Lady."

    Seeing Murong Rou'er's tear-stained face, Elder Er chimed in disapprovingly, "You don't need to say anything more. I believe in who you really are. As the Second Lady is spouting such claims, she must be sent to the torture chamber! Let the guard investigate the truth of the matter. If this was truly slander, then she must be punished severely!"

    "Don't," Murong Rou'er's face drained of color as she quickly interjected, "Yan'er has clearly been bewitched by someone else. She has done nothing wrong. Throwing her into the torture chamber is simply too cruel. How can I bear it?"


    Elder Er let out a sigh and replied helplessly, "Second Lady, the Eldest Lady is always thinking of your own good yet you would choose to listen to the slander of others instead of trusting your own sister! I'm certain that these two have placed you under a spell. I'm going to have them thrown out this instant!"

    As he spoke, Elder Er shot Gu Ruoyun an icy glare.

    Deep down, he was certain that these two troublemakers were the ones who were responsible for throwing a wrench into the relationship between the two Ladies!

    The most laughable part was that they never knew how kind Rou'er truly was, he thought. Plotting to use such methods to frame her... That's simply impossible!

    Gu Ruoyun had stayed silent from the very beginning. Her eyes remained clear and cool as they always were. It was as if she did not hear the ongoing debate.

    Ye Nuo blinked and hid behind Gu Ruoyun. To him, this was currently the safest place around.

    "I'd love to see who dares!"

    Murong Yan bellowed then pulled out a simple and unadorned jade medallion from her sleeve. She swept her keen gaze across every face before her.

    "The seal of the Master is before you. I'd love to see who would dare to have them thrown out!"

    Master Murong's seal?

    Elder Er's expression changed instantly. The Master has actually given his seal to Murong Yan! Yet the elders' office hasn't even received news of this! What does this idiot have that she could gain the right to govern the entire Murong household?

    Of course, Elder Er had not suspected Murong Yan of stealing the seal. After all, the seal would only recognize the Master of the family as its Master. Only when it has been passed down to the next Master of the house will the contract be dissolved...

    But no one could have expected that the Master has already decided on choosing this idiot as his heir a long time ago!
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