Chapter 533: Promise Your Life To Me, How About It? (2)

    Chapter 533: Promise Your Life To Me, How About It? (2)

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    Murong Yan wrinkled her brow in disgust and turned away. She no longer wanted to look at Murong Rou'er's artificial act.


    A soft voice called out to her from not too far away, catching Murong Yan's attention.

    Murong Yan was wondering why Murong Rou'er had suddenly denied the truth.

    Ah, so it's because of Senior Brother.

    "Lady Gu, Little Brother Ye Nuo."

    Lu Shaochen smiled at Gu Ruoyun and Ye Nuo as he greeted them, "My apologies, I've arrived a little late. Were you hurt?"

    "We're fine."

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head as she calmly replied.

    "Hurt? I was definitely hurt and it's pretty bad too," Ye Nuo jumped and exclaimed with an angry look on his face, "I am suffering from an internal injury. I'm so disgusted that I've vomited all the food I've digested over the past month!"

    Though Ye Nuo had been pampered since birth and has never encountered the scum of society, he was very accurate when it comes to reading a person's true intentions.

    Women like Murong Rou'er are far too hypocritical, he fumed.  I really don't know if those old farts from the Murong family have been blinded, why can't they see that?

    "Oh?" Lu Shaochen cocked an eyebrow and smiled at Ye Nuo, "I wonder what had happened... To have caused Little Brother Ye Nuo to sustain such heavy internal injuries."

    Ye Nuo glared at Murong Rou'er and haughtily replied, "It was this vomit-inducing woman of course. She's too fake and too disgusting! Besides, her acting skills are simply horrendous. If a woman like this were to stand in front of my grandfather, she would have been found out at first glance."

    Lu Shaochen snorted as if he did not notice Murong Rou'er's ugly expression and burst out laughing, "Little brother Ye Nuo, you've certainly got a sharp tongue. I wonder, what family are you from, Little Brother?"

    Ye Nuo blinked as if he did not understand Lu Shaochen's question and looked utterly astonished, "I'm merely a child from an average family. I don't know what you mean."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun, who was standing right next to him, could not help but feel the corner of her lips curl up.

    If Ye Nuo wasn't from a powerful family, his body would not have emitted such an aura.

    However, he certainly understands the principles of traveling outside of ones' home. He won't reveal his true identity so casually.


    The corners of Lu Shaochen's mouth began to curl up as well. Nevertheless, when he realized that Ye Nuo wasn't going to elaborate any further, he did not continue to press the matter either.

    "Seeing as Little Brother Ye Nuo does not wish to tell me, I won't force you. However, you are still a guest of the Murong family. Both you and Lady Gu are welcome to visit us anytime."

    "Big Brother Lu."

    Just as Lu Shaochen was about to continue speaking, Murong Rou'er bit her lip and exclaimed, "Big Brother Lu, Rou'er really doesn't know what she has done wrong. This little brother has humiliated Rou'er in such a way. Everything I've done, I've only done it for Yan'er's sake. Why is it that you cannot see through my intentions?"

    She clenched her fists tighter and tighter. She simply could not accept this but she would not show a single trace of it on her face. She maintained her pitiful expression and tried to garner sympathy.

    If a man were to lay his eyes upon such a pitiful-looking girl, he would automatically feel his heart soften.

    However, this had no effect on Lu Shaochen who was well aware of her true nature.

    "He's a ten-year-old child. The words of a child carry no harm so why be calculative with him?" Lu Shaochen's face turned cold as he replied curtly, "What I simply can't comprehend is why Eldest Lady Murong, who is so kind and gentle in the eyes of the world, would look down upon the words of a child? Or is that to say, that this is Eldest Lady Murong's true nature?"

    Murong Rou'er's face drained of color in one split second. She stared wistfully at the bright, handsome face before her and looked so sorrowful as if she was dying.
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