Chapter 538: The Nauseating Murong Rouer (3)

    Chapter 538: The Nauseating Murong Rou'er (3)

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    I've already exposed my true colors to these two,  she thought . There's no longer need for any more pretense.

    Once she finished speaking, she raised her hand and directed it at Ye Nuo.

    Gu Ruoyun gently raised the corners of her lips. One should not judge Ye Nuo just because of the fact that he was a ten-year-old boy. Based on Murong Rou'er's capabilities, she was no match for him even if there were a hundred of her!


    "Help! The Eldest Lady Murong is hitting someone!"

    Ye Nuo widened his big eyes as if he had received a huge shock. He ran and cried out at the same time. However, no one noticed that in that very instant, a cunning light was flashing across his big eyes.

    "Eldest Lady Murong is bullying a small child. Help! Help! Someone save me!"


    Murong Rou'er's face suddenly drained of color as her eyes filled with anxiety and anger. She had not expected this little boy to scream and shout.

    What if someone else sees this? I would be finished!

    "What is it? What happened?"

    Just then, a voice sounded from somewhere further in front.

    They all saw the Murong family chamberlain, Uncle Liu, rushing over with a lantern in hand. Soon, those who have overheard the commotion also hurried over to see the situation.

    Murong Yan saw Murong Rou'er's pale face at first glance and soon understood what had happened. She rushed over towards the gathering crowd.

    "Help! Please help me, the Eldest Lady Murong says that she wants to teach me a lesson."

    A glint flashed across Ye Nuo's eyes. He then ran behind Murong Yan and his entire being trembled in fear as if he had received a huge scare. His adorable cherubic features were full of grief.

    "Murong Rou'er, explain this to me, what's going on? He's only a child. Don't you think that you've crossed the line?"

    Lu Shaochen, who had followedMurong Yan, wrinkled his brows as an angry flame which cannot be extinguished blazed furiously from within his chest.

    Ye Nuo is only a child, he fumed. Regardless of the situation,   to put her hand on a ten-year-old child... This Murong Rou'er is absolutely vicious!


    Tears of grief began to well up from within Murong Rou'er's eyes, "I didn't..."

    "You clearly wanted to hit me just a while ago. Yet you're now denying it!"

    Ye Nuo leaped in anger as he replied furiously, "You said something about my lack of upbringing and that I definitely have no parents. You even said that you wanted to teach me how to respect my elders! But... How is it that I wasn't aware of this... When had you become an elder?"


    Lu Shaochen scoffed and spoke with a cold look in his eye, "Murong Rou'er, you've cursed the parents of another, is this what you have to show for your upbringing? I certainly wasn't aware of this but I know it now. It seems that Eldest Lady Murong is someone with such great upbringing!"

    "Big Brother Lu..." Murong Rou'er bit her lip as she stared pitifully at the handsome yet distant face, "I really didn't, he's putting me in the wrong on purpose..."

    Lu Shaochen laughed coldly, "He's only ten! A ten-year-old child wouldn't lie. Murong Rou'er, one day your true colors will be exposed for all to see!"

    Murong Rou'er gaped but in the end, she did not say anything else. Tears of grief rolled down her face as her eyelashes trembled gently from the tears. She looked absolutely delicate and pitiful as if she had truly been wronged.

    Watching her artificial facade, Murong Yan felt nauseated. She knitted her brows in disgust and shot Murong Rou'er a cold look.

    "Then, I wonder, my good big sister. Can you explain to me... Why were you here at such a late hour?"
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