Chapter 539: The Nauseating Murong Rouer (4)

    Chapter 539: The Nauseating Murong Rou'er (4)

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    Murong Rou'er's eyes flashed. Just as she was about to speak, she was cut off by a childish voice.

    "You have no idea how disgusting this woman is. She told me that she wants me to be her gigolo. When I told her that I wouldn't do it, she accused me of having no upbringing. Then, she wanted to hit me!"

    The look of anger and disgust on his face was so genuine, everyone who had heard his story immediately believed him without a doubt.

    Besides, this was a ten-year-old boy. How could a ten-year-old boy concoct such a lie?

    Hence, a lot of people became enraged upon hearing this!

    They never imagined that Murong Rou'er could have done such a thing and to try to coerce a ten-year-old child to become her personal gigolo.

    She is the true embodiment of a pervert! The crowd thought in unison.

    "You're talking nonsense!"

    Murong Rou'er's gentle and pretty face was now full of rage, "I never said such things, you're framing me!"

    "You dared to say it to me but you don't dare to admit it! Brother Lu, please protect me, this woman is scary. Had you all arrived a moment later, she would have certainly dragged me away. I have absolutely no interest in a vomit-inducing woman like her. I don't want to become her gigolo. Oh, that's right, she said that if I were to become her gigolo, she would gift me with the Heavenly Spirit fruit in her possession."

    Ye Nuo looked absolutely terrified as he clutched Lu Shaochen's sleeve and peeked timidly up at him.

    Actually, Lu Shaochen and the rest of the crowd only needed to pause and consider the matter carefully. They would know for sure that what Ye Nuo was saying would be completely impossible. Gu Ruoyun was present so Murong Rou'er couldn't possibly drag Ye Nuo away no matter what. But right now, due to their intense rage, they had lost all sense of logic.

    And most importantly, Murong Rou'er had a Heavenly Spirit fruit in her hands!

    In the entire Murong family, only a few were aware of this.

    But Ye Nuo knows about it,   they mused.  That means that his claims were most likely true.

    "No, no, that's not true. Big Brother Lu, you must believe me. How could I possibly..." Murong Rou'er shook her head frantically and hurriedly tried to explain herself.

    However, before she could continue, Lu Shaochen's cold voice cut her off.

    "Enough, Murong Rou'er. You're truly getting more and more nauseating! You'd even put your hands on a ten-year-old child!"


    Murong Rou'er stumbled backward. She stared at Lu Shaochen's face which was now full of loathing and disgust and felt as if her heart was being torn to into pieces.

    Murong Yan, Gu Ruoyun, Ye Nuo!!! She fumed. It's all their fault!

    If it hadn't been for their interference, Big Brother Lu would never have treated me like this!

    These people all deserve to die! Only their deaths can dissolve the hatred in my heart!

    Gu Ruoyun, who had been observing Murong Rou'er very closely, managed to catch the murderous intent in her eyes as clear as day.

    She laughed silently.  Honestly, this Murong Rou'er, I've never really paid attention to her.

    But since she's clearly displaying such intentions on my head, I'm certainly not going to be a sitting duck!

    "All of you, what are you doing?!"

    Suddenly, an elderly voice was heard from out of thin air.

    Once she saw the elder who was walking slowly towards her, Murong Rou'er's eyes shone and the same tears of grief began to roll down her face again.

    "Elder Er..."

    Her voice was full of grief and suffering, it was hard not to feel emotionally moved.

    Elder Er could not help but feel a pang of heartache. This Murong Rou'er was like a granddaughter to him, no matter the situation.

    How could I stand by and watch her suffer?

    "Second Lady, while you are indeed the heir to the Murong family, the Eldest Lady is still your sister - despite everything else. Yet you would treat her in this manner for the sake of a few outsiders? Are you not afraid of retribution?"

    As he spoke, Elder Er swept his gaze towards Gu Ruoyun. A cold light flashed across his eyes.
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