Chapter 540: Running Into A Dog Along The Way (1)

    Chapter 540: Running Into A Dog Along The Way (1)

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    These people cannot be allowed to remain in the Murong family.

    "Elder Er, seeing as Grandfather has already given the Master's Seal to me, everyone in the Murong family should listen to my orders. They are my guests, nobody has the right to chase them away!"

    At one glance, Murong Yan had seen right through Elder Er's intentions. She laughed coldly and issued a warning.

    "Second Lady, if that's what you wish, then it's not good for me to object," Elder Er shot Murong Yan a cold glare as his elderly face now became cold and icy, "However, I hope that you will not regret your decision! Eldest Lady, come with me. I wish to speak to you."

    Then, without a further look at the group, he turned to make his way towards the direction of the Elder's Office.

    Murong Rou'er bit her lip and paused in silence before she followed after Elder Er.


    The air was solemn in the quiet Elder's Office, carrying a weight of heavy pressure.

    Murong Rou'er kept quiet and stood with her head bowed. No one could tell what she was thinking.


    Elder Er asked exasperatedly, "Rou'er, could you please explain to me what just happened?"

    At this moment, he had not addressed her as 'Eldest Lady'. Instead, he had chosen a more intimate form of address, causing tears to roll down Murong Rou'er's face.

    "Second Elder, I was suspicious as those two had come from unknown origins. I was afraid that they might harbor ill intentions towards the Murong family. I was also afraid that they will harm Yan'er so I had wanted them to leave the Murong family, of their own accord. But who would have thought that..."

    Murong Rou'er lifted her gaze, now blurry from tears, looking completely aggrieved, "But who would have thought that they would completely ignore my advice. They've even warned me and told me to mind my own business. Then, they framed me in front of Yan'er. Elder Er, everything that I've done had all been for the Murong family and Yan'er's sake."


    Elder Er scoffed. His elderly face was now ashen and his old, muddy pupils burned with a fiery anger. He slammed his palm on the table.

    "It seems that those two were indeed harboring ambitions towards the Murong family! That Yan'er is another one for not trusting her own sister and placing her trust in an outsider instead! If she ends up dead because of them, it would all be her own fault!"


    Murong Rou'er quickly shook her head, "Elder Er, Yan'er is my little sister. No matter how cruel or vicious she is to me, it will never change that fact. I cannot bear to watch her live under the deception of outsiders. That's why, Elder Er, you must help me."

    "Sigh," Elder Er sighed again and observed the woman's anxious face with gentleness, "Rou'er, you are far too kind. The Second Lady has ill-treated you and yet you are still trying to protect that idiot? She has led the wolves to her den so she had basically asked for it. It's her fault for not listening to you."

    Hearing this, Murong Rou'er shook her head, " Elder Er, this is all because... She is my little sister. She can act mercilessly but I can't bring myself to do such a thing. Besides, I've said this before. For the sake of my sister, even if I have to die, I would never have any complaints. Even though she is now under the deception of outsiders, one day, she will understand that in this entire world, the only person who would treat her so lovingly, besides Grandfather, is me!"

    As she spoke, Murong Rou'er's expression was completely steadfast and chaste. Anyone would feel moved at the sight of such determination.

    Should anyone happen to witness her speech, they would probably curse and swear at Murong Yan.

    She has such a good older sister yet she does not treasure her? Elder Er thought.  Is this woman a moron? Having an older sister who only thinks of what is best for her, how could she possibly want to harm her?! Only a cruel and unscrupulous person would not believe in such a kind and delicate girl.
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