Chapter 544: Ye Nuos Identity (1)

    Chapter 544: Ye Nuo's Identity (1)

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    Hearing this, two girls who had been cradled in Yeh Lin's arms before the fight returned to their senses. One girl, who was dressed in red, quickly said, "Eldest Lady Murong, it was this brat who had hurt Sir Yeh Lin. He came with Murong Yan. Please, Eldest Lady, grant Sir Yeh Lin justice."

    "Yan'er?" Murong Rou'er was shocked. Her astonished gaze fell upon Murong Yan, "Why would your friend try to harm him? He has also beat this person up so viciously. What if we were to draw the ire of the Yeh family? How about this, ask your friend to apologize to Sir Yeh, alright?"

    She knew the level of Yeh Lin's strength yet this ten-year-old whippersnapper had actually managed to hurt him.

    Could it be that he has some sort of treasure in this hands?

    A slimy glint flashed across her eyes at the thought of this.

    At this moment, Yeh Lin's agonized face changed completely. His body trembled incessantly but despite his great agony, he did not collapse.

    "You damned kid, you've crippled my little sailor. I won't let you off so easily! Even if Eldest Lady Murong tries to placate the situation for you, it won't be of any use! The only way out is for you to become my slave and submit yourself to my torture for the rest of your life! And you..."

    He swept his gaze creepily towards Gu Ruoyun and gritted his teeth, "I want you to be my sex slave. I might be crippled but I still have a hundred thousand ways to torture you! This is the price for laying your hand on me!"

    In all of Black Rock City, the only thing that Yeh Lin feared was the Black Rock auction.

    He placed no great importance on anything else, including the Murong family.

    "Ye Nuo, let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun calmly swept her gaze across the maddened Yeh Lin then turned around and headed towards the auction.

    She had just started to walk away when a soft, alluring voice spoke up.

    "Miss Gu, it doesn't matter how you've poisoned Yan'er into throwing me aside, I can take that. But you've clearly crossed the line in dealing with this matter. By attacking Sir Yeh in the Black Rock City, have you completely ignored this City's plight? I, Murong Rou'er am normally very frail and that's a fact. But that does not mean that I'm afraid of a vicious woman like you!"

    Murong Rou'er switched from that frail, weak visage and raised her snow-white chin as she spoke with a sharp sense of righteousness.

    "I had given way to you all because of Yan'er but you're simply not satisfied with the small gains, aren't you? Everyone would have the right to punish someone like you and only Yan'er would ever believe in your words. Because of you, she had not hesitated in accusing me."

    That speech not only implicated Gu Ruoyun for being a poisonous, vicious woman, it had dragged Murong Yan down as well.

    See! See how much she cherishes Murong Yan? For her, she would give way to her friend no matter how much she disliked that person. How had Murong Yan repaid her instead? She did not hesitate to accuse her all for the sake of an outsider! What a cruel and unscrupulous blind wolf!

    So, from the moment she finished her speech, Murong Yan was immediately shot with countless looks of mockery and disdain.

    "I never thought that Second Lady Murong would turn out to be this sort of person."

    "That's right, we had known that she was merely an idiot from the beginning but I didn't think that she would be this stupid. She would actually believe the words of an outsider and lose trust in her elder sister who has cherished her for so many years."

    "Sigh, if I had an elder sister who always placed her younger sister first like Murong Rou'er, I think I would be smiling every time I awaken from my sleep. But it seems that some people don't even know how fortunate they truly are!"

    No one saw it but as the crowd dived into a fervent discussion, a smile flashed across Murong Rou'er's lips.

    Murong Yan, I've warned you. Fighting against me will not end well for you! She thought maliciously.  So what if you have talent? So what if you have a good head for business? You've made a mistake by putting your trust in other people!
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