Chapter 546: Ye Nuos Identity (3)

    Chapter 546: Ye Nuo's Identity (3)

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    Hence, in order to avoid being labeled as the daughter of a mere concubine, I never hesitated to poison my own mother!

    Only when that sl*t is dead could I begin to shake off my identity as the daughter of a concubine!

    Just as she expected, once her mother was dead, she became desolate and alone and would always be the subject of abuse. Murong Yan's mother could no longer bear the sight of it so she had taken her in and fostered her herself.

    However, at that time, Murong Yan would always treat her coldly. In order to gain the idiot's trust, she had utilized all of her savings to hire men to assassinate Murong Yan.

    At the most crucial moment, she had rushed out and taken a knife for Murong Yan!

    From that moment on, that idiot had changed her attitude towards her completely. Whenever she saw the elders of the family looking down on her, she would hide in the shadows and give her suggestions! She would then give Murong Rou'er all of the credit!

    Sadly, Murong Yan did not know that it was I who had secretly killed her parents! Even that old fart's injuries had something to do with me!

    It's their fault for preferring Murong Yan. If I don't get rid of them, I'll never stand a chance of becoming the Master of the Murong family.

    Even if Murong Yan had died, they would never have given the inheritance to me!

    However, no one in this lifetime will ever know that I was responsible for the death of Murong Yan's parents.

    Because I was only ten when they had died!

    How could a ten-year-old child harbor such intentions? However, they never knew that her young mind had become warped and twisted after so many years of unfair treatment.

    So what if I had to resort to murder? I would do anything to achieve my goals.

    But the most laughable thing was that Murong Yan had always treated her enemy, her father's murderer, as her closest relative! For my sake, she did not hesitate to pick fights with countless people, and became my muscle, helping me punch through to obtain my current station.

    And she was labeled as an idiot for so many years!


    Bai Xin laughed icily and was just about to further criticize Murong Yan when, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed two people coming out from the auction hall.

    Of the two elders, one had snowy-white hair and was dressed in red. He carried an air of an exuberant hero. The wind seemed to follow his every step and his robes would flutter dramatically. Just looking at him would make anyone feel intimidated. The other man was dressed in blue and had a graceful yet scholarly look about him. His elderly face carried a warm and gentle smile. It was a smile which bathed one in warm sunlight and makes one feel an extremely comfortable feeling throughout their entire being.

    Bai Xin felt dazed. He did not know the identity of the elder in red but he knew exactly who the other one was.

    It's the President of the Black Cloud auction, Yun Luo!

    He's also the person whom I've come here to meet!

    Bai Xin decided to let Gu Ruoyun and the rest of her gang off the hook for the moment. He quickly straightened out his robes and made his way towards the two.

    Meanwhile, at the very same time, Ye Nuo had also noticed the two elders who had emerged from the auction hall. Like a frightened little rabbit, he immediately darted behind Gu Ruoyun.

    "You can't see me, you can't see me..."

    Ye Nuo silently mumbled that to himself over and over again. He sorely wished that he could turn invisible so that no one could see him at all.

    Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way he wanted it to be...

    Just as Ye Nuo was willing his body to shrink from existence, the eyes of the elder in red turned towards his direction and his expression quickly turned into shock. Then, his entire being seemed to morph into a violent lion, "You, that little b*stard over there! No need to hide, this old man has spotted you. Get your *ss over here this instant!" He bellowed angrily.

    Bai Xin paused in his steps and stared in astonishment at the elder in red.

    Because he happened to stand right behind Ye Nuo, he thought that Ye Lan had been referring to him...

    Hence, he was completely petrified with fear.
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