Chapter 547: Ye Nuos Identity (4)

    Chapter 547: Ye Nuo's Identity (4)

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    This person... He's allowed to stand with Lord Yun Luo, thought Bai Xin.  I reckon his identity is more complex than it seems! But I don't seem to recall provoking such a strong cultivator like him.

    "You damned b*stard, you're still trying to f*cking hide yourself!" Seeing how his own grandson was still ignoring him, Ye Lan grew so angry that he could leap three meters above the ground. He roared with a fiery rage that reached the Heavens, "I'll give you three seconds. Roll your *ss right over here now! Or else, this old man will whip your *ss until it bears flowers!"

    Roll over there?

    Only a fool would do that!

    It's far safer to hide behind Bodyguard Gu.

    Ye Nuo curled his lips.  This old fart clearly wants to kill me, I'm not about to walk into that trap. Only a fool would do a thing like that.

    But whatever happened next would turn out to become a particularly shocking scene for him...

    Bai Xin, who had his head on a high horse just a while ago, suddenly lay down on the floor and rolled right over towards Ye Lan... With no explanation whatsoever. This time, forget about the ones who knew who he was, even the rest of the audience members were completely flabbergasted.

    "Who are you?"

    Ye Lan wrinkled his brows and asked with obvious impatience as he swept his cold gaze towards Bai Xin who had rolled right in front of him.

    I'm in the middle of chastising my grandson, what tree and which root had produced this clueless kid to approach me and cause trouble?


    Bai Xin looked blankly into space then stared in astonishment at Ye Lan, "Didn't you ask me to roll over here?"

    "You said that I'd asked you to roll over here?" Ye Lan laughed in spite of his anger, "Who are you? Do you really think that you'd have the right to roll your way over to me? I was talking to that slippery little fox hiding over there! Damned b*stard, if you don't f*cking show yourself to this old man, I'm going to go over there and whoop your *ss!"


    Bai Xin's body was now drenched in a layer of cold sweat. At this moment, he dearly wished that he could lock himself into a cave out from complete embarrassment from the astonished eyes of the crowd. Even that would be a better option than standing here and enduring such humiliation.

    "Quit being so fierce."

    Ye Nuo curled his little lips before he carefully stepped out from behind Gu Ruoyun. He mumbled, "You're so fierce, it's no wonder Father is afraid of you."

    Hearing this, Ye Lan laughed in spite of his rage, "Damned b*stard, my many scoldings towards your father is all because of you, you damned b*stard. Oh, you're really good, aren't you? Making such bogus accusations! I've always shielded you but this time, you've crossed the line by actually running away from the bodyguards that I've sent to protect you. Don't you f*cking know how dangerous this mainland is? If you're that sick of living then let me know. I will personally send up you up to the Western Paradise immediately! That's certainly better than being angered to death by you, you damned b*stard!"

    The more Ye Lan thought about it, the angrier he felt. I've certainly overindulged this brat, that's why he's turned out to be such a maverick! While this damned brat is certainly talented, he's only ten! If anyone wanted to kill him, it would be just as easy as crushing an ant!

    "What are you still standing there for? Get your *ss over here this instant!"

    Ye Lan bellowed with fury at the sight of Ye Nuo who was holding onto Gu Ruoyun's robes.

    "I won't!" Ye Nuo glared at Ye Lan and tugged on Gu Ruoyun's robes, "Bodyguard Gu, quick, save me. This old fart has gone rabid. What if he bites me? I don't want to turn insane too. Please save me."


    Ye Lan's entire body trembled in anger, "You damned b*stard, you're accusing me, your own grandfather, of going insane! You get your *ss over here, I guarantee that I won't beat you to death!"


    Bai Xin stared blankly into space. While he was able to deduce that the relationship between the old man and the little boy was probably more complex based on how Ye Lan had spoken to the boy, he never thought that he would turn out to be his grandfather!

    If that's the case, Murong Yan's friends are somehow acquainted with the Black Cloud auction!

    Thank goodness. Thank goodness I had not spewed too much venom in my words. Otherwise, the people of White Glory City would probably be destroyed!

    Bai Xin immediately forgot about his current plight at the thought of this and subconsciously let out a sigh of relief.
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