Chapter 548: Ye Nuos Identity (5)

    Chapter 548: Ye Nuo's Identity (5)

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    A large crowd had amassed around the public square in front of the auction hall.

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the old man's furious face and a glint flashed across her eyes. She simply could not see through the old man's level of power!

    One could say that due to the Ancient Divine Pagoda, some powerful cultivators would not necessarily be able to mask their aura even with the help of treasures.

    But, in the case of this elder in red, I can't sense his rank at all!

    There can only be one explanation for this.

    That means that this old man is either at the rank of a Martial Honor or above!

    In all of the Banished Lands, only one person could possibly be at the rank of a Martial Honor or above...

    "The Ye family!"

    Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath and recalled her conversation with Lu Shaochen where he had mentioned the Ye family. She had guessed that a genius like Ye Nuo, would certainly be somehow related to the Ye family. However, she never gave much thought into this matter.

    She certainly had not expected that the young boy whom she had run into by accident would have turned out to be from that particular family!

    "Hehe," Yun Luo glanced at his old friend and sniggered, cutting through the current deadlock, "You should stop scaring Ye Nuo. See how petrified he is now? How could this false bravado be of any use at all? Look how anxious you've become after being unable to locate his whereabouts for so many days. You nearly overturned the Banished Lands."

    Ye Lan rolled his eyes.  Is it that easy to call my bluff? If I don't scare this stupid brat, he'd think that I was pampering him and that I don't hold him accountable for his actions!

    "Oh, that's right," Ye Lan's gaze shifted towards Gu Ruoyun and made a serious observation, "This young lady is..."

    "My savior."

    Ye Nuo raised his chin and replied with pride.

    He would never introduce Gu Ruoyun as his bodyguard Gu in front of Ye Lan. After all, wouldn't an introduction like that be far too humiliating for my idol?

    Nope, there's no way!

    Gu Ruoyun cannot be degraded in front of this old fart. From what I can tell, my idol is way cooler than this old fart. By the time she reaches his age, she'd be able to fling this old fart to over a hundred and eight thousand meters away.

    "Of course," Ye Nuo paused and continued loudly, "She's also my idol."


    Had Ye Nuo stopped at his first sentence, Ye Lan might have been very grateful to Gu Ruoyun. But after hearing the second sentence, he felt greatly annoyed.

    The only person who is allowed to be my grandson's idol is me. When did it turn into someone else?

    So, just as Ye Nuo's last syllable fell, Ye Lan raised his eyebrows and a formless coercion erupted from his body towards Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun sensed the coercion from Ye Lan and immediately displayed a calm smile on her face. She stood tall against the gentle breeze as if nothing had happened, staring back at him smilingly.

    Ye Lan was completely stunned at this sudden turn of events and quickly retracted his coercion. He stroked his snow-white beard and laughed, "Indeed, not a bad little sapling. My grandson has good taste. What's your name, girl?"

    "Gu Ruoyun."

    "Gu Ruoyun? Haha, not bad, not bad. This girl is certainly up to my standards. Unless I'm mistaken, you're here to participate in the auction. If you don't mind, would you like to come with me?"

    Come with him?

    Ye Nuo immediately widened his eyes and hurriedly tried to reject the offer. After all, it had not been easy for him to shake those people off and he certainly did not want to follow this old fart.

    However, before he could retort, Gu Ruoyun's calm reply came first, "If you don't mind, Sir. I would be willing to accompany you."
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