Chapter 550: The Black Cloud Auction (1)

    Chapter 550: The Black Cloud Auction (1)

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    Murong Yan, who was seated in a compartment box at the auction hall, swept her curious gaze across Ye Nuo before stopping on Ye Lan's smiling face. She could not tell what the old man was thinking.

    "Come here, kid. Stay by my side!"

    Ye Lan glared at Ye Nuo and ordered him about irritably. Is my appearance so terrifying? Why is my own grandchild hiding so far away from me?

    "I don't want to!"

    Ye Nuo held tightly onto Gu Ruoyun as he glared right back at Ye Lan. He quietly muttered, "Only a fool would fall into a trap like that."

    That one sentence made Ye Lan so angry that he became speechless with rage. He glared fiercely at Ye Nuo.

    This damned brat does whatever he pleases just because I pamper him! This is so infuriating!

    "Miss Gu, Little Brother Ye Nuo, I wonder who this could be...?" Lu Shaochen frowned as he asked with a bit of hesitation in his voice.

    He didn't know why but he sensed that this old man had a low-key persona.

    "You haven't guessed?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and replied slowly, "In all of the Banished Lands, how many powerful cultivators would have the surname 'Ye'?"

    Lu Shaochen paused in silence. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and raised his head in astonishment. His eyes stared at the man's elderly face with shock, "You're... You're the... Of the Ye family..."

    "Hehe," The old man chuckled and turned his smiling face towards Gu Ruoyun, "You're certainly observant, little girl. You've actually managed to guess my true identity. Not bad, not bad at all."

    Gu Ruoyun broke into a smile that was neither haughty nor humble, "I've heard about the number one cultivator in the Banished Lands so when you had appeared, I could pretty much guess who you were. After all, in all of the Banished Lands, who else would be at the rank of a Martial Supreme?"

    A Martial Supreme!

    That's above the rank of a Martial Honor!

    It was also the rank that Gu Ruoyun could not achieve in her previous life.

    However, she believed that in this life, it would not be too long before she would reach the rank of a Martial Supreme...

    "Hahaha," Ye Nuo laughed again, his eyes were brimming with a satisfied smile, "Little girl, not only were you able to deduce my identity, you were also able to find out my level in power. I am certainly getting more and more interested in you."


    Those words hit them like a sudden clap of thunder in their ears. Lu Shaochen and Murong Yan both turned as stiff as two pieces of wood as they were completely flabbergasted and rooted to the spot. Their eyes seemed to enter into a daydream and soon, surprise and excitement slowly took over their sluggish expressions.

    They never imagined that the greatest cultivator of the Banished Lands, the Master of the Ye family, would be standing right before their very eyes!

    "You... You're really the Master of the Ye family, Lord Ye Lan?"

    Lu Shaochen had become so nervous that he began to sputter incoherently. How could he maintain his usually frank and self-assured manner of speech in the face of such a great cultivator? He was already unsure of where to place his hands and legs.

    "Hehe," When faced with Lu Shaochen, Ye Lan no longer behaved with the politeness and courtesy he had shown Gu Ruoyun. He merely smiled calmly, "I am indeed the Master of the Ye family, Ye Lan. Thank you, both of you, for taking care of my grandson over the past few days. I have decided to take him back to the Ye family."


    Ye Nuo jumped up and his stubborn little face was flushed, "I'm not going back. I'm not going back even if it means that I have to die!"

    "You shut your mouth!" Ye Lan glared at Ye Nuo, "Let me tell you this, you're going home. Even if you don't want to, you still have to go home! You're not coming out until you break through to the rank of a Martial Emperor!"

    Ye Nuo's adorable cherubic features were now filled with grief.  How could I be so unfortunate to have met such an unreasonable old man?

    "Ye Nuo, you should go home." Gu Ruoyun looked at Ye Nuo's miserable little face and said, "Your grandfather is right. You're too weak at the moment. Your innate skills may be outstanding but there are many powerful cultivators in the Banished Lands who can kill you - easily. Wait until you've broken through to the rank of a Martial Emperor. By then, even if you're unable to defeat them, running away shouldn't be such a big issue for you."

    This was because only cultivators at the rank of a Martial Emperor would have the ability to fly!
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