Chapter 552: The Black Cloud Auction (3)

    Chapter 552: The Black Cloud Auction (3)

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    A pill formula, no matter how useless, is enough to raise a perilous situation in the Banished Lands!

    Countless strong cultivators have flocked to this auction all for this sake of this mystical pill formula.

    "I bid fifty million gold pieces!"


    The crowd immediately dived into a huge commotion.

    The starting bid for this pill formula was already at one million but who would have guessed that the first bidder would start at fifty million gold pieces?

    Clearly, these people had come prepared!

    "Eighty million!"

    "A hundred million!"

    The last voice was loud and deep. It drew the attention of the crowd to a private box compartment high above the auction hall.

    "It's a member of the Wolf's Fang Robbers!"

    Murong Yan's gaze darkened, "Unless I'm mistaken, that voice had come from the right-hand man of the Wolf's Fang Mercenary Unit, Qi Lin!"

    "The Wolf's Fang Mercenary Unit?"

    Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin as a glint flashed across her eyes.

    "Gu girl, aren't you going to bid?" Ye Lan certainly does not care whether it's the Wolf's Fang Mercenaries or the Dog's Teeth Mercenary Unit. He merely stared curiously at Gu Ruoyun as he asked.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly, "The outstanding usually bears the brunt of the attack. If I were to bid for the pill formula now, what would the consequences be?"


    She would definitely face many assassination attempts from various strong cultivators, all vying to steal the pill formula from her!

    Lu Shaochen and Murong Yan sighed incessantly when they heard this.

    They never considered the consequences that way.

    "So..." Gu Ruoyun paused before continuing, "If I want that pill formula, this isn't the only way to get it."

    "One hundred and one million..."

    Before that voice could finish its sentence, it was cut off by Qi Lin.

    "Two hundred million!"

    Two hundred million gold pieces! Not even the mighty Murong family could possibly produce two hundred million gold pieces! Yet the Wolf's Fang Robbers had offered the bid without even blinking. Hence, once Qi Lin had made his offer, the crowd went into another sensation.

    "The Wolf's Fang Robbers are certainly high rollers. Two hundred million gold pieces. Tsk, tsk. I won't be able to save up that much even if I stopped eating or drinking for a few lifetimes."

    "Does it even need to be explained? The Wolf's Fang Robbers may prioritize pilfering others, but they've certainly managed to rack up quite a sum of money over the years. If the Wolf's Fang Robbers should ever send out their troops in one go, it wouldn't be very difficult for them to destroy the whole of Black Rock City."

    The idle chatter from the crowd reached Gu Ruoyun's ears and she gently raised her eyebrow, "The Wolf's Fang Robbers, are they really that great?"

    "They are."

    Murong Yan nodded, "The leader of the Wolf's Fang Robbers is a Martial Honor. That is why many of us fear him."

    A Martial Honor?

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze sank.  Based on my current level of strength, it may be a little bit difficult for me to go up against a Martial Honor.

    "Two hundred million going once, two hundred million going twice, two hundred million going thrice!" The auctioneer announced. before making the final decision in a clear and distinct voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure that you have all been aware that this pill formula is the centerpiece of the Black Cloud Auction. However, yesterday, a mystery man had arrived with a weapon and gifted it to us as part of the auction."

    Hearing this, the crowd burst into a fervent discussion.

    "Forget it, it's only a weapon. No matter how valuable it is, it can never be compared with that pill formula. And that pill formula is missing a piece."

    "We came here for the pill formula. We're not interested in some weapon. It's best that we leave now."

    Despite being faced with so much skepticism, the auctioneer did not fly into a rage. He remained smiling as he explained, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is no average weapon. It's a low-class spiritual weapon!"

    A low-class spiritual weapon!

    This time, forget about everyone else, even the calm and composed Ye Lan rose to his feet. His elderly face was shining with excitement...
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