Chapter 554: Sky-High Prices At The Auction (2)

    Chapter 554: Sky-High Prices At The Auction (2)

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    Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and his eyes shone as he continued his bid, "Eleven million..."

    If I can get that spiritual weapon and present it to Master Ye as a show of respect, I will definitely leave the Ye family with a good impression, he thought.  This can also be considered as the greatest benefit from this auction.

    Forming an alliance with the number one cultivator in the Banished Lands is far more valuable than a spiritual weapon!

    "Twenty hundred million!"

    Ye Lan made his bid without moving a single muscle on his face, as if twenty hundred million gold pieces wasn't a lot of money to him.

    Bai Xin's forehead began to break into cold sweat. He wiped his forehead and spoke guiltily, "Twenty one..."

    "Thirty hundred million!"


    Just as that elderly voice spoke, Bai Xin's legs turned into jelly. He crumpled to the floor and his expression was awash with defeat.

    This is it!

    I'm finished now!

    The price of thirty hundred million gold pieces... I can't pay for that even if we were to sell the Governor's mansion.

    Also, if I had not made the bid from the beginning, Master Ye might have been able to obtain this spiritual weapon with only ten hundred million. Yet now he had been pushed to raise the price to thirty hundred million...

    "Thirty hundred million going once, thirty hundred million going twice, thirty hundred million going trice! Sold! Alright, seeing as there are no other bidders, the price shall be set at thirty hundred million! To the honored guest in the heavenly symbol box, I will have the spiritual weapon sent to you after this."

    Following the auctioneer's announcement, all eyes turned towards Gu Ruoyun's box.

    They simply could not understand it.  Who would have such a large sum of money?!

    He had even squashed Sir Bai Xin of White Glory City!

    At this moment, Lu Shaochen and Murong Yan were only just beginning to recover from their shock. Their faces were filled with admiration.

    "I wonder who had auctioned off this spiritual weapon to actually earn thirty hundred million gold pieces. I don't think the Murong family could ever earn so much not even in the next few generations."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun did not respond. She merely narrowed her eyes as a glint flashed across her pupils.

    She had dropped all the money she had during the Ten Deadly Trials. Now that she did not have a single penny left on her, she had been forced to sell off her spiritual weapon. Only through this way would she have enough money to establish an organization.

    "Lu Shaochen, Murong Yan, wait for me back home."

    Then, she walked out before any of them had the chance to react.

    In the back hall of the auction hall, Liu Ting was sipping on his tea in a satisfied manner. His lips were curled in a smile filled with anticipation.

    In the three years since he had been appointed as a steward, this was the first time he had organized such a large auction. Not only did he manage to auction off a long extinct pill formula, he was also able to sell a spiritual weapon. Just the price of these two pieces alone would be enough to break the sales records of previous auctions.

    Especially since Lord Yun Luo has been personally observing the auction. Once Lord Yun Luo is happy enough, I might be able to enter the Yun family - officially!

    Just as he was mulling over his thoughts, a flash of green robes entered the room, causing his eyes to brighten. He quickly rose to his feet and pulled out a wooden stool, placing it beside Gu Ruoyun and exclaimed fondly, "Sit, please sit, Miss... I mean my Lord. I've already prepared your gold and the Black Cloud Auction will bear all of your expenditures as well."

    Actually, Liu Ting did not even know how to address her!

    Should I call her Miss? Or Elder?

    Based on her voice, it would seem that she is a young girl.

    Bur Liu Ting could not understand why it was so difficult for him to make out the woman's features. Her face seemed to be covered in a white mist. So no matter how hard he tried, her features remained in a blur.
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