Chapter 563: A Threat (3)

    Chapter 563: A Threat (3)

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    Under the threat from their combined energies, Lu Shaochen grew very pale in the face. His own aura became unstable and he slumped unwillingly.

    "Lu Shaochen, don't think that I don't know about your friend in there. That woman is responsible for trying to assassinate old Master Murong. Get out of the way immediately! If anything happens to the Murong family, will you be the one to assume responsibility?"

    Elder Er grew anxious as he threw out all the energy from within his system. His priority now was to get Lu Shaochen out of the way in the fastest way possible so that they could go in and save the old master.


    Suddenly, a melodious voice which was as clear as a bell rang from outside the courtyard. Elder Er was stunned and turned towards Murong Rou'er who was on her way towards the scene. However, once he saw the young girl behind her, his expression sank.

    "Murong Yan, how can you still show your face here? Do you not feel ashamed? Will you only be satisfied when you've caused your grandfather's demise? You've simply allowed a stranger to enter your grandfather's room. If she turns out to be a vicious person, you will be a criminal of the Murong family!"

    "Elder Er," Murong Rou'er smiled gently and raised her lips as she spoke, "Indeed, Murong Yan will never be satisfied until Grandfather is dead! Just a while ago, she had come into my room and told me that Grandfather's affliction wasn't an illness, he's been poisoned!"


    Everyone present was immediately shocked. Some stared at Murong Yan in surprise.

    Even Lu Shaochen frowned and stared in confusion at his Junior Sister.

    "What's the meaning of this?" Elder Er's eyes grew increasingly stormy.

    Someone in the Murong family has actually dared to poison the master! The audacity of it! They will not be spared!

    If I find out who this person was, I will never rest until they are dead!

    "The person responsible for that..." Murong Rou'er paused before she turned with a glint in her eye towards the girl in pink behind her, "Is Murong Yan!"


    The entire group stood rooted to the spot as if they had all been struck by lightning.

    Murong Yan wanted to assassinate Master Murong? Why?

    Forget about everyone else, even Elder Er could not believe his ears.

    Murong Yan is an idiot, that is a fact. It's true that I don't like her but when it comes to the accusation that Murong Yan was the person responsible for harming Master Murong, I can never believe it not even in ten thousand years!

    It's not because of anything else but the very fact that Master Murong was far too kind to this idiot! No matter how much we've supported Murong Rou'er, Master would still give the inheritance to Murong Yan.

    Since that's the case, what reason could she possibly have to harm Master Murong?

    "Eldest lady, is this true?" He asked doubtfully, shooting a look at the person behind Murong Rou'er.

    "Second Grandfather, it was Yan'er who had confessed everything to me. She had also snatched the Master's seal from Grandfather! As for her two friends, they were in cahoots with her. Their crimes simply cannot be forgiven!"

    Once she has said her piece, Murong Rou'er turned towards Murong Yan and asked in a tone filled with resentment and a hint of jealousy, "Murong Yan, Grandfather has always cherished you greatly ever since you were a child. Why would you want to harm him? I really can't believe that you would do such a thing. Grandfather had always neglected me and treated me with such cold indifference. Even so, I've never had any desire to hurt him, unlike you! He is my grandfather and my only relative in this entire world! Why would you be so cruel and vicious to try and kill my one and only family?"

    "Murong Rou'er, shut your mouth!"

    Noticing the doubtful looks around him, Lu Shaochen grew anxious, "Yan'er, say something! What's the matter with you? Say something, please. Has she threatened you with something? You can tell me, I'll never let any harm come to you."
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