Chapter 564: A Threat (4)

    Chapter 564: A Threat (4)

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    Murong Yan's expression finally changed at the sight of the worried look on Lu Shaochen's face. However, she still remained silent and kept her mouth shut. No one could tell what she was thinking.

    "Big Brother Lu," Murong Rou'er gently pursed her lips and spoke pitifully, "It was Murong Yan who told me all of this herself. I'm only relaying this to everyone in her place. If you don't believe me, Big Brother Lu, you can ask her yourself."

    Suddenly, all eyes fell on Murong Yan as if waiting for her to give a definite answer.

    "Second Lady, please speak. We need to know the truth."

    Elder Er frowned.  Honestly, knowing Rou'er's kind demeanor, I don't believe that she would ever threaten anyone. But at the same time, I don't believe that Murong Yan would harm the master!

    So I must know the answer!

    Murong Rou'er lowered her eyelids. No one could see it but in that instant, a malicious light flashed across her eyes.

    So what if you don't believe it? Once Murong Yan admits to this, her crimes will be confirmed.

    "The answer?" Murong Yan raised her quiet features into a smile, "Alright, I'll tell you the answer. The answer is... Murong Rou'er is framing me!"


    The crowd went into a frenzy.

    Murong Rou'er raised her head in shock and stared at Murong Yan's smiling face with surprise. She was completely stunned by Murong Yan's statement.

    Is she denying it?


    Could it be that this woman is starting to grow fearful of death? That she would exchange her grandfather's life for her own?

    "Murong Rou'er, wasn't that your question?" Murong Yan smiled and stepped forward. Her eyes were filled with mirth, "You had asked me to make a choice between trusting her to save Grandfather or to agree to your terms. So let me tell you this, I want to save Grandfather! However... If you had given me the choice to trust in her or in you, my choice would be to trust in her!"

    Indeed, she truly wants to save her Grandfather but between Murong Rou'er and Gu Ruoyun, she would much rather choose to believe in Gu Ruoyun.

    Even though they have not known each other for a very long time, that girl gave her this strong impression - as long as she has made a promise, she will do everything in her power to fulfill it! Even Murong Yan herself could not really say sure why she felt she could put her trust completely in Gu Ruoyun's abilities.

    Perhaps there was a kind of person whom anyone will unconsciously believe in no matter what she says...

    Lu Shaochen sighed in relief.  I'd really thought that Murong Yan would be forced into making a false confession but obviously, my judgement in her character has been pretty accurate.

    My Junior Sister would never bow to another person's threats and allow herself to be forced into doing something against her wishes!

    Hence, regardless of how headstrong she is, I'm willing to stand by her side because of this!

    "Eldest Lady, Second Lady, what's going on?!" Elder Er knit his brows and asked.

    Murong Rou'er's face was drained of color and her eyes darted back and forth. She seemed to have come up with an idea and she walked towards Elder Er with tears in her eyes, looking utterly pathetic.

    "Elder Er, I don't know either. It was Yan'er who had come into my room to make her confession. I had believed her and bought her here. I don't understand why she's denying it all now, I really don't know the situation now."

    Her meaning was that Murong Yan was trying to frame her by making her think that she was the one behind their grandfather's condition and was making bogus accusations! She was slandering her for framing her...

    And she was simply an innocent bystander who knows nothing and was being manipulated by someone else!

    Murong Yan laughed icily and was just about to speak when the closed bedroom door suddenly opened and an elderly figure slowly stepped out...
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