Chapter 568: A Challenge! One Strike! (4)

    Chapter 568: A Challenge! One Strike! (4)

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    Elder Er paused momentarily before saying, "Master, if you want us to serve Lady Gu... That's fine. It's not like we can't do it. However, she must first display some sort of admirable power! Otherwise, I will never bow to her!"

    Power. This was of the utmost importance in Black Rock City.

    Without power, it would be difficult to gain a foothold.

    Since Gu Ruoyun wishes to commandeer the Murong family, she must show power. Nothing else will do!

    "Power?" Gu Ruoyun gently raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Elder Er, unless I'm mistaken, you've already broken through to the rank of a Martial Emperor."

    "That's right." Elder Er smiled, "I'm a Martial Emperor."

    "That's good." Gu Ruoyun raised her lips into a smile and crooked her finger at Elder Er, "Let's have a little competition, shall we? I believe I can defeat you with one strike!"


    The crowd burst into a frenzy.

    Elder Er's expression looked particularly ugly. While it's true that this girl may be skilled in medicine, nevertheless, he was still a Martial Emperor. If she merely wished to exchange notes, that was fine by him. Yet she has spouted a bunch of nonsense from the outset by saying that she could defeat him with one blow!

    How could this be possible?

    Just because she was skilled in medicine does not mean that she was a genius!

    Lu Shaochen and Murong Yan looked particularly worried. Both of them tried to say something but had shut their mouths in the end.

    While Lady Gu was a low-level Martial Emperor, Elder Er was a Martial Emperor who has a wealth of experience. This factor alone could be enough to cause her to lose.

    "Hehe." Elder Er laughed dryly and slowly rose to his feet, "Lady Gu, are you sure that you want to challenge me?"

    "That's right." Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly, "I want to challenge you and... Defeat you with one blow!"

    "Haha!" Elder Er laughed maniacally and exclaimed, "Lady Gu, I truly admire you. Even at such a young age, you were able to cure a disease that many have deemed incurable. However, just because you may excel in some aspects does not mean that you'll excel in everything else. If you wish to challenge me then I will deal you three strikes. If you are able to avoid these three strikes, you'll win. What do you say?"

    "Three strikes?" Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin and smiled calmly, "I think there's no need for that. I stand by my word. If you accept my challenge, I will definitely defeat you with one strike!"

    Elder Er was beginning to lose his patience. After being poked by Gu Ruoyun like that, his rage was boiling within him. He laughed icily, "Young people are always arrogant, those who ignore the advice from elders will soon regret their actions! If you wish to challenge me out of skepticism towards my abilities then I accept your challenge. It's also a good opportunity to wake you up so that you don't invite disaster from the outside world!"

    In that instant, the onlookers surrounding the two grew excited.

    They've certainly never expected this day to come for such a young girl to challenge Elder Er.

    Additionally, she was making wild claims and dared to state that she would defeat Elder Er with one strike.

    Most importantly, even when faced with such an obvious outcome, Elder Er had actually accepted the challenge...

    This was going to be a great show.

    "Lady Gu, are you certain?" Lu Shaochen looked worriedly at Gu Ruoyun's pretty face as he asked anxiously.

    Even Murong Yan swallowed the words on the tip of her tongue. Based on what they could tell from Gu Ruoyun's level of strength, it would be very difficult for her to defeat Elder Er completely, what more with one strike!

    This time, no matter how much trust Murong Yan has in her abilities, it would be difficult for her to believe that she could actually do it!

    Besides, forget about her. Even my own grandfather would find it difficult to defeat Elder Er with one strike!
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