Chapter 571: A Challenge! One Strike! (7)

    Chapter 571: A Challenge! One Strike! (7)

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    "Eldest Lady, unless I'm mistaken, this thing that you've just asked me to swallow, is it a pill?"


    Master Murong asked in a trembling voice.

    "What? A pill?"

    Elder Er widened his eyes in shock before shaking his head as he smiled weakly, "Master, perhaps you were mistaken? Pills? How could this be? All pills have been destroyed over ten thousand years ago. How could there still be any pills still in existence? You must have been mistaken!"

    Just as he spoke, a powerful hurricane whirled towards him with a loud bang and threw him out of the way.

    Elder Er's eyes became larger and larger. He stared at Master Murong as if he was some sort of strange abomination which was utterly beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. He spoke and his voice was trembling with obvious excitement.

    "A breakthrough?"

    One should know that his Master had been stuck at the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor for the longest time and had been unable to make any progress. Even a Martial Honor had once declared that he would never reach the rank of a high-level Martial Emperor, not in this lifetime anyway.

    Yet his Master, who initially had a death sentence over his head, has actually had a breakthrough!

    This was simply a miracle!

    Could it be that the thing the Master had swallowed was really a legendary pill?

    Elder Er's gaze slowly turned around at this thought of this and his gaze fell upon the porcelain bottle in Gu Ruoyun's hands.

    After all, on this mainland, pills do not exist! When it comes to pill formulas, even if they were mutilated, they would provoke many fights! So one can imagine how valuable Gu Ruoyun's pills were!

    In a time like this, Elder Er simply could not imagine where Gu Ruoyun had managed to get the pills. All he could think of was that if he could have one of those pills, he could certainly break through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor!

    But once he remembered his past dispute with Gu Ruoyun, the glimmer in his eyes slowly darkened.

    I am not like Master who had a friendly relationship with Gu Ruoyun from the beginning! I had once greatly offended this woman because of Murong Rou'er. Under these circumstances, why would she waste such a precious pill for my sake?

    "A high-level Martial Emperor, if this keeps up, we can temporarily gain a steady foothold," Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin before she glanced at a sad-looking Elder Er, "Elder Er, you can take one of these pills too. You'll then be able to break through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor."

    In my present condition, I have great need of power! Otherwise, I would never have produced these Emperor Breakthrough Pills!

    Elder Er could not believe his ears and asked incredulously, "Eldest Lady, were you speaking to me?"

    Gu Ruoyun wrinkled her brows before staring serenely at Elder Er with her clear, cold eyes, "When did you become so slow? Weren't your reflexes extra fast whenever Murong Rou'er was being bullied by others?"

    Hearing this, Elder Er went very red in the face and shamefully accepted the pill that Gu Ruoyun had thrown at him. He then swallowed it.

    Just as he swallowed the pill, Master Murong, who was right next to him, laughed so wildly that it startled him. His legs nearly turned into jelly and he almost fell to the ground.

    "Hahaha, I've broken through to a high-level Martial Emperor. I've finally broken through!"

    His laugh was filled with madness and excitement and rang out loud from the study. It soon reached the ears of every member in the Murong family household.

    Hence, not too long after, every member of the Murong family knew that their Master has had a breakthrough! This was wonderful news for the entire Murong family! Furthermore, it's been a long time since they had heard their Master laugh so happily.
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