Chapter 572: The Yeh Family Comes For A Visit (1)

    Chapter 572: The Yeh Family Comes For A Visit (1)

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    Black Rock City, in the Yeh family home.

    In a grand hall, a white-haired old man was sitting upright on his throne with a gloomy look on his face. His eyes flashed with murderous intent.

    Beneath him stood the middle-aged man who had intercepted Ye Nuo, Yeh Ling of the Yeh family!

    "That old fart from the Murong family has had his breakthrough!"

    Maliciousness flashed across the old man's eyes as he spoke gloomily, "I didn't think that he, who has been declared to stay as a mid-level Martial Emperor for the rest of his life, would actually have a breakthrough. This was simply inconceivable!"

    Yeh Ling sneered, "Father, Murong Yan's two friends had caused the destruction of Fan'er's manhood. Now, he can't even get down from his bed. This is one vengeance that we cannot let go! So what if that old Murong man has had his breakthrough? He's not experienced enough. He'll never be able to beat you, Father!"

    Hearing this, the old man fell silent. A bout of ruthlessness flickered within his somber eyes. After a long pause, he laughed eerily, "Seeing as that old fellow from the Murong family has had his breakthrough, we must pay him a visit and seek justice for Fan'er while we're at it!"

    "Yes, Father!"

    Yeh Ling joined his fists together and bowed respectfully as a cold smile slowly formed at the corners of his lips.

    The Murong family...

    Your destiny is nearly at an end. From now on, the Murong family shall no longer exist in Black Rock City!


    At this moment, in the Murong family's study, Elder Er has yet to emerge from the glee of his breakthrough when Gu Ruoyun's voice reached his ears.

    "Elder Er, please select a few disciples with considerable talent and have them consume these Spirit Cultivation pills."

    Elder Er stared into space and watched as Gu Ruoyun produced a few more bottles of pills. He was so startled that he was rendered speechless.

    After all, on this mainland, a single pill could provoke a fight between many men.

    Yet she is carelessly giving so many away to so many people?

    Elder Er's breathing quickened at the thought of this, "Eldest Lady, I've previously treated you in such a manner. Have you disregarded our former enmity and given me your trust?"

    "If you use a man, don't suspect him," Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and spoke in a voice that resembled a refreshing breeze, "Since I've asked the Murong family to pledge their allegiance, that means that I will give you all my full trust. I hope that you won't disappoint me. Besides, while you and I have had our disagreements in the past, it cannot be denied that you've always been very loyal to the Murong family. This was also why I had given you this responsibility. Elder Er, you are a smart man. You should know what's best for you."

    Does Gu Ruoyun really trust the Murong family that much?


    She had once been betrayed so how could she trust another person again so easily? The Murong family members were not Qianbei Ye. She certainly would not give them all of her trust without rhyme or reason.

    So, before coming to this decision, she had added a little something into the pills.

    Of course, as long as the Murong family members do not have any intentions of betraying her, these pills will work as if nothing had been added into the mix at all. However, should they have the slightest sliver of intention to betray her, then that extra little ingredient will give them a fate worse than death!

    Otherwise, why had Gu Ruoyun given those Emperor Breaking Pills away so recklessly?

    Obviously, she would never reveal this to the Murong family members.

    "Eldest Lady, I understand," Elder Er's eyes slowly filled with steady determination, "No mistake about it, the Murong family will certainly expand even faster under your command. Furthermore, with so many pills in hand, perhaps your ambition in uniting Black Rock City will come true."

    Every time he thought of this, Elder Er could not help but feel the blood rushing into his heart...
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