Chapter 573: The Yeh Family Comes For A Visit (2)

    Chapter 573: The Yeh Family Comes For A Visit (2)

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    Unifying Black Rock City, how many people would want to do that? In the beginning, I had thought that this Gu Ruoyun was merely indulging in wild fantasies. But now, perhaps she would be the only one capable of accomplishing this.


    Just then, a guard hurriedly rushed into the room and joined his fist into a bow. He spoke in a respectful manner, "Master, the Master of the Yeh family has come for a visit."

    "The Yeh family?"

    Master Murong's eyes darkened as he frowned. He paused in silence before issuing a slow response, "I'm assuming that the news of my breakthrough has reached their ears. However, their visit this time is most likely not one of kindness. Elder Er, come. We will meet him together!"

    "Yes, Master!"

    Elder Er joined his fists and bowed respectfully. However, the space between his brows still held the same degree of seriousness.

    Even though Master and that old man from the Yeh family are equally matched, the Yeh family are backed by the terrifying Wolf's Fang Robbers!

    Not even an organization of considerable power in Black Rock City would dare to claim that they could exterminate the Wolf's Fang Robbers.


    In the great hall, an old man in grey robes sipped his tea with an air of indifference. His traitorous eyes flashed with malice. He did not raise his head, as if he never noticed the people who had just entered the room.

    Only Yeh Ling, who seated was next to him, lost his cool as he rose to his feet and scoffed, "Master Murong, your Murong family guest has hurt my son. If the Murong family wishes to maintain a cordial with the Yeh family, you will hand them both over to us!"

    Yeh Ling raised his chin and stared arrogantly at the Murong family members. He clearly did not place any importance on the Murong family's authority!

    More importantly, based on his observation, Master Murong was a very smart man. He would never give up an opportunity to strike up a friendship with the Yeh family over two youngsters!

    "Hmph!" Master Murong scoffed coldly and swept his gaze over Yeh Ling from top to toe. He responded indifferently, "You have yet to receive the right to speak to me!"


    Yeh Ling's face turned ashen in his rage. He glared angrily at Master Murong and was about to issue a retort when the old man next to him reached out and stopped him.

    The old man steadily sipped the tea in his hand. His face was poised in a somber and cold smile, "He has no right to speak to you, but don't I have that, correct? It goes without saying that the Murong family hospitality is inferior, serving me with such old tea."


    Once he had said his piece, he loosened his grip on the cup and it fell to the floor and shattered into bits.

    Master Murong's expression turned into an ugly shade. His sharp eyes flashed with murderous intent, but in the end, he suppressed his anger and spoke icily, "Master Yeh, have you come to cause trouble for me?"

    "No," The old man shook his head and smiled icily back at him, "I've merely come for a visit after hearing that you've broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial Emperor. Could it be that the Master of the Murong family does not welcome me?"

    "A visit? I think you're here to purposely pick a fight!" Master Murong waved his hand in annoyance as he replied coldly, "Servants, send these guests out. Our Murong family does not welcome the Yeh family members."


    The old man slowly rose from his seat. His lips were curled into a smile but his cunning and crafty eyes were filled with frost, "Master Murong, why so hasty? I've merely heard news of your guests harming my grandchild! Master Murong, you know that we've only ever had one son from the direct lineage for many generations. My grandson is the treasure of my Yeh family so I've specifically made this visit to ask for justice. Furthermore..."
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