Chapter 576: The Yeh Family Comes For A Visit (5)

    Chapter 576: The Yeh Family Comes For A Visit (5)

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    "A mid-level Martial Emperor!"


    A nineteen-year-old mid-level Martial Emperor! What does this mean?

    This was simply abnormal!

    Who could have reached this rank at such a young age?

    But this little girl has managed to achieve it!

    "The skies in this part of the world are changing soon." Elder Er laughed bitterly. A nineteen-year-old mid-level Martial Emperor. If word of this gets out, who would believe it?

    If he had not witnessed this with his own eyes, Elder Er would never have believed it himself!

    In all of the Banished Lands, aside from the genius of a young master, no one else would have such a strong talent!

    "Elder Er, you must issue this order immediately." Master Murong's eyes darkened and he spoke gravely, "No one is to say a word about the Eldest Lady's breakthrough! None of this must ever get out! She may be highly talented at the moment but her wings are not yet fully developed. If too many people find out about this, it would only invite disaster! In a place like this, there's bound to be many who wish to rope her into joining their organization. If she does not agree, there could be a bloodbath!"

    For the sake of preventing her from having to bow to another organization, he must act fast starting from the roots, even if she's not his genius!

    In the Banished Lands, many would think in the same manner!

    However, knowing Gu Ruoyun's bleak and aloof personality, she would never bow to anyone!

    Elder Er obviously understood this and nodded, "Master, do not worry. I will not allow anyone else to know about this! At least, before her wings are fully grown, no one must be aware of her true capabilities."

    "Alright. When you're on the job, Elder Er, I can relax."

    Master Murong nodded his head in satisfaction and replied with fatigue, "I'm tired. I'll head to my room now. You take care of everything else after this."

    "Yes, Master!"

    Elder Er bowed and joined his fists respectfully and escorted Master Murong on his way out.

    Once he had left, Elder Er headed off to carry out Master Murong's orders...


    In the room, Gu Ruoyun slowly opened her eyes and exhaled, "A mid-level Martial Emperor. Based on my current level of strength, I should be able to go up against a high-level Martial Emperor! But my goals for Black Rock City are still very far off!"

    Just as she was deep in thought, her bedroom door was pulled open and a soft, squirmy little figure rushed in and hugged Gu Ruoyun.

    "Bodyguard Gu, I've heard the news. Have you really managed to cure old man Murong's illness?"

    Ye Nuo blinked his starry eyes as he stared admiringly at Gu Ruoyun.

    "You're still here?" Gu Ruoyun looked inquisitively back at Ye Nuo.

    Ye Nuo's expression immediately turned black and his cherubic features were filled with annoyance, "Bodyguard Gu, do you really want me to leave that much? Come on, we've known each other for such a long time yet you would continue to act so heartlessly! Whatever, I don't care. I'm sticking with you. I certainly don't want to follow that old fart back home!"

    Going back would be far too boring, it's way more interesting to follow Bodyguard Gu around.

    "Up to you."

    Gu Ruoyun gently raised her eyebrows, "Still, I'm guessing that your grandfather will certainly make his way here to drag you home sometime soon."


    Hearing this, Ye Nuo immediately hid behind Gu Ruoyun as if he had just received a scare. He blinked his big, innocent-looking eyes and stared pitifully up at Gu Ruoyun.

    "Bodyguard Gu, you must protect me. I don't want to go home with that horrible old man."

    Besides, I've already made my decision. I'm not going home. Even if that old man was to drag me, I will not go home!

    Gu Ruoyun's mouth twitched when she heard this and she stared speechlessly at the pitiful looking child.
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