Chapter 577: The Tomb Of The Supeme Ruler (1)

    Chapter 577: The Tomb Of The Supeme Ruler (1)

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    "I'm afraid that I can't really help you with this."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders as she replied helplessly.

    Ye Nuo pouted and his little face filled with stubbornness, "If that old man insists on making me go home... Then, then, I'll run away again so that he'll never find me, ever!"

    Gu Ruoyun refused to comment. Based on past experience, Ye Nuo probably would not let her go so easily.


    A month passed slowly and quietly.

    Within this month, Gu Ruoyun's breakthrough to the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor has pretty much become more established. This time, even if she was to face a Martial Honor and could not fight back, escaping was no longer an issue.

    It was also within this one month when Gu Ruoyun was training vigorously that Black Rock City gradually experienced a change! Initially, she had thought that the Yeh family would not have let the Murong family off so easily. Nevertheless, during in this one month, no sign of movements came from the Yeh family at all. It was as if nothing had happened and all was curiously quiet.

    At this moment, in the Murong family courtyard, Gu Ruoyun stared in puzzlement at the Murong family disciples who were lined up in a row. She raised her brow, "Is a special day? What are all of you doing here?"

    Within a month, with the help of the Spirit Gathering Pills, the Murong family disciples' power has shown rapid improvement! Lu Shaochen had broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial King while Murong Yan was now a mid-level Martial King! Many of the young disciples amongst them have also experienced breakthroughs as well. Most of them have reached the rank of a Martial King.

    Even Gu Ruoyun could not have imagined this.

    "Eldest Lady," Lu Shaochen smiled gently. "You're probably not aware of this but not too long ago, a citizen of Black Rock City had discovered the existence of the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler. However, the Tombs is extremely perilous. After the discovery was publically announced, all the forces of Black Rock City agreed that they would join forces on an expedition to the Tomb. Today is the day of the start of the expedition!"

    The Tomb of the Supreme Ruler?

    Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin as her eyes flashed with a clear interest in the matter, "I'm also quite interested in this Tomb of the Supreme Ruler. Since that's the case, I'll tag along to see this Tomb of The Supreme Ruler for myself!"

    A Martial Supreme!

    This was a rank that Gu Ruoyun had been unable to achieve in her past life!

    Lu Shaochen's heart leaped. He locked eyes with Murong Yan and saw the clear joy in her eyes as well.

    If Gu Ruoyun joins them on the expedition, the Murong family would have great security!

    Others may not know this but they both knew that Gu Ruoyun had already broken through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor!

    After all, back when she was a low-level Martial Emperor, she had been able to defeat an opponent on the same level with one strike. Now that she has just had another breakthrough, based on her level of power and abilities, even a high-level Martial Emperor may not be able to defeat her!

    "One more thing," Gu Ruoyun paused before saying, "You two, stop calling me Eldest Lady. Just address me as you did previously. Regardless of my connection to the Murong family, to me, you are my friends."


    That word etched deeply into Murong Yan's heart, causing it to tremble. She bit her lip and stared at Gu Ruoyun with a complicated look on her face, "I have once treated you with such contempt so why should you treat me as a friend?"

    She has never forgotten how she had treated this girl the first time they had met.

    Yet this girl has never held anything against her despite her initial animosity. She had even gone against Yeh Fan for her sake!
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