Chapter 578: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (2)

    Chapter 578: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (2)

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    If it hadn't been not for me, Gu Ruoyun and Ye Nuo would never have done anything to offend the Yeh family!

    "Come on, you are the next Master Murong. How can you be so stupid?" Ye Nuo rolled his eyes and looked at Murong Yan with a tinge of disdain, "Back then, if you had not protected bodyguard Gu in front of Murong Rou'er, do you think that she would even care if you had lived or died?"

    Murong Yan shuddered. No matter how much ridicule she felt from Ye Nuo's words, she did not get angry but immersed herself in all of it.

    She had chosen to disregard our former enmity and helped me simply because I had shielded her in front of Murong Rou'er?

    Murong Yan laughed bitterly at the thought and felt rather complicated.

    Perhaps that's the kind of woman she was. If one had treated her with the slightest hint of bad intentions then one can forget about receiving her favor for the rest of one's life. However, if one acts with good intentions in front of her, she'll remember you for life!

    Even though I was the one to blame for Murong Rou'er's actions which had caused so much trouble for her!

    "Lady Gu, thank you." Murong Yan took a deep breath and looked completely grateful, "Meeting you in this lifetime is my good fortune. No matter what, I will use my actions to make up for my past mistakes!"

    Gu Ruoyun said nothing more.

    In the beginning, she had been motivated by selfish intentions when she had helped Murong Yan out of the situation with Yeh Fan. Everything she had done had been for the sake of taking over the Murong family.

    However, in regards to her opinion of Murong Yan, she could not really say if she had a good impression of her and neither does she feel any form of dislike.

    Besides, if she had not agreed to let me assume command over the Murong family, Master Murong would also never have agreed to it so easily.

    "Ye Nuo, you want to come along as well?" Gu Ruoyun lowered her head and asked the cherub-faced young boy.

    "I'm coming along!" Ye Nuo raised his eyebrows and his little face flushed with excitement, "A fun place like that, how could I not go?"

    "Alright, then let's go together!"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and agreed to Ye Nuo's request.

    Murong Yan was just about to say something when she realized that Gu Ruoyun had already agreed to it. She swallowed her words.

    She still trusts Gu Ruoyun to some extent. Since Gu Ruoyun was allowing Ye Nuo to join this expedition, she must have her own reasons. She would only need to follow her orders. That would be enough!


    The excavation site of the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler was at the summit of the Supreme Mountain. The usually quiet mountain range was now filled with noise.

    Various forces have set up camp at the foot of the mountain, drawing confused looks from a few passersby. Why have so many powerful organizations gathered together to climb the Supreme Mountain?

    "Eldest Lady, the forces present today, aside from the Murong family and the Yeh family, are a few other middle-classed organizations. However, there are far too many of them now so I won't bore you with the introductions. Allow me to point out the three great powers of Black Rock City." Master Murong took one look at the densely packed group and whispered into Gu Ruoyun's ear, "See that man with a scar from a knife wound? That's the leader of the largest underground organization of Black Rock City, Hei Bao! Don't judge him based on his brutish appearance, he's already reached the rank of a Martial Honor."

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow and her gaze trailed towards the direction of Master Murong's finger which was pointing at a man in the middle of the group.

    The man's large scar almost covered his entire face. He looked too ugly for words but the great force within him could cause one's heart to go into palpitations!
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