Chapter 579: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (3)

    Chapter 579: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (3)

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    "That wheelchair-bound invalid is the Master of the Mo family, Mo Liyou! He had suffered a disease in his thighs from a young age and can only move around with the use of a wheelchair. But don't be fooled by his delicate features, he's actually a ninety-year-old freak. He has a recipe for eternal youth which is why he looks so young. Furthermore, this Mo Liyou can be considered as an exotic flower. He has never married and has remained as a bachelor all his life. He adopted a child just three years ago."

    Mo Liyou?

    Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brow and directed her clear, cold gaze towards the man in the wheelchair. For some unexplained reason, that man gave her a very strange feeling.

    The man seemed to notice her look and turned towards her. His sickly yet handsome features lit up with a smile. That one smile was like a ray of sunshine, absolutely heart-warming.

    "The last one is that beautiful woman in red. She hails from the Mei Family and is a member of the Three Great Authorities of Black Rock City. Not only is she a Martial Honor, she's also a formidably skilled doctor!" Master Murong glanced at the woman in red and sighed, "Unfortunately, Lord Mei is haughty and arrogant. Should you ever wish to ask for her help in treating your illness, it would be a difficult feat. She only has two interests in this lifetime - medicinal practice and beautiful men! Unless your medicinal skills surpass hers or you plan on gifting her a peerlessly beautiful man, don't even think that she will treat you."

    Back then, when he was starting to become heavily ill, he had wanted to invite Mei Xue but had been immediately chased out of the Mei household.

    It's a good thing that he had met Gu Ruoyun. Otherwise, his death would have been guaranteed.

    "So these are the Three Great Authorities of Black Rock City?" Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin and smiled, "It would seem that if I wish to unify Black Rock City, I'll need to have command over these Three Great Authorities."

    Hearing this, Master Murong smiled bitterly and shook his head.  Putting aside the haughty Lord Mei Xue, the other two would not bow to her so easily!

    "Master Murong, you've finally arrived."

    Just then, a sinister voice sounded the side. Master Murong furrowed his brows and raised his head to look at the man approaching him.

    "May I ask, Master Yeh, if you have any business with me?"

    Master Murong's tone has a bite of impatience. He glared coldly at Yeh Luo's withered old features.

    "Father, it was them."

    Yeh Ling, who was standing next to him, recognized Gu Ruoyun and Ye Nuo in one glance and scoffed, "They're the ones who are responsible for hurting Fan'er!"

    "Oh?" A cold, sinister light flashed across Yeh Luo's eyes as he spoke icily, "Master Murong, if I remember this correctly, the expedition to the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler seems to be a matter that concerns only the citizens of Black Rock City. I don't think that outsiders have the right to participate in this!"

    "Hehe." Master Murong chuckled dryly and replied in an equally icy voice, "Lady Gu has officially entered my Murong family. I wonder if this answer satisfies you, Master Yeh?"

    Indeed, Gu Ruoyun was a member of the Murong family now. She was now the person who holds full authority in the Murong family.

    However, to the ears of Yeh Luo, he took it to mean that Master Murong had accepted Gu Ruoyun as a disciple of the Murong family.

    In that case, Yeh Luo simply had nothing else to say. He could only sweep a sinister glare across Gu Ruoyun and Ye Nuo.

    "This expedition to the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler is fraught with danger so both of you should be worried. Even the Master of the Murong family himself could lose his life in these ruins. I hope you won't die so soon!"
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