Chapter 580: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (4)

    Chapter 580: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (4)

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    A threat!

    Those words were clearly undisguised threats!

    His meaning was clear. The Yeh family will definitely make their move against the Murong family in the excavation! At that point, should they run into an accident and die in the ruins, no one could be blamed.

    Master Murong's expression looked extremely ugly. He clenched his fists and nearly slammed it into Yeh Luo's infuriating face. In the end, he controlled himself and sneered, "Master Yeh, you're speaking a little too early. Who dies and who survives... No one will know for sure!"


    Just as the old man spoke, a fit of wild laughter was heard from the foot of the mountain, ringing aloud through every foot of the ground.

    The crowd went into shock when they heard the voice, including the members of the three great families. Everyone turned their attention to a small road ahead.

    In the middle of that small road, a large band of brutes with weapons in their hands were walking over with huge strides. The brutes all emitted a strong murderous intent and their bodies were riddled with scars. In the forefront of the group were two men. One looked strong and muscular with a coarse, full beard and side whiskers. He carried a large sword that seemed to be around his height on his shoulders and his expression was full of malice.

    The other one looked far easier on the eyes when compared with the first man. He wore green robes and looked rather bookish. He held a fan in his hand and while his features were not exceptionally handsome, his scholarly air made him look particularly comforting.

    However, when everyone saw the group marching towards them, their expressions all sank.

    "What are you doing here?"

    Mei Xue scoffed coldly as she asked irritably.

    "Haha," The brute with the coarse beard laughed and stared disdainfully at Mei Xue, "With a treasure trove like the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler, is there a rule that says it belongs solely to Black Rock City? My apologies, our Wolf's Fang Robbers are very interested in the treasures within these ruins."

    The Wolf's Fang Robbers?

    A peculiar light flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes when she heard those words.

    "These are the members of the Wolf's Fang Robbers," Master Murong's gaze sank, "That brute with the full beard and whiskers is the second-in-command of the Wolf's Fang Robbers. As for the scholarly looking man, he is the number one cultivator in their group and their leader, Nangong Si!"

    Gu Ruoyun's attention has been drawn to the scholarly man from the beginning.

    Even though he does not look particularly threatening, she could sense his dangerous aura from a single glance.

    He was undoubtedly the most dangerous person here!

    Be it the underground leader, the eternally youthful Mo Liyou, or the medically skilled Mei Xue, none of them were more dangerous than this man!

    Perhaps now she was faced with a most problematic enemy!

    "Leader Nangong, Second-in-command Wei Xi!"

    Yeh Luo's eyes lit up when he saw the two and he hurriedly rushed to welcome them, "You've finally arrived!" He exclaimed with a grin.

    At this moment, he no longer held the sinister arrogance that he had displayed in front of Master Murong. He was like a dog, eager to flatter and please. If he had a tail, he would be wagging it happily as if he was afraid that others would not be able to see his sincerity.

    "Yeh Luo!"

    Master Murong has just realized that it was the Yeh family who had alerted the Wolf's Fang Robbers. He was sputtering with anger, "Don't forget, it was the citizens of Black Rock City who had found the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler. What's the meaning of this? With the Wolf's Fang Robbers in our expedition, how are we going to get any part of the treasure?"
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