Chapter 581: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (5)

    Chapter 581: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (5)

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    As he spoke, the scholarly man snapped his fan closed and swept his calm gaze towards the incensed Master Murong. He smiled as he said, "It looks like the citizens of Black Rock City do not welcome us."

    Essentially, the Wolf's Fang Robbers and Black Rock City have no resentment between each other. However, this was the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler. If the Wolf's Fang Robbers were to join the expedition, they will definitely lay claim to one portion of the treasure. No one from Black Rock City wants that to happen.

    As such, all eyes were fully alert as they stared at the group of uninvited guests. Some of them were even glaring angrily at Yeh Luo and were slaughtering him into a million pieces in their head.

    If it wasn't for these people, we would not have been forced to share the treasures in the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler with the Wolf's Fang Robbers.

    Yeh Luo completely ignored the angry glares. He continued to stand in an ingratiating way behind the Wolf's Fang Robbers. To the others' eyes, the Wolf's Fang Robbers have come here to have a slice of the pie. However, they did not know that he had invited them to deal with the bunch of b*stards from the Murong family!

    As long as he could destroy the Murong family, he could not care less about what the others thought.


    Mo Liyou's handsome face lit up with a small smile. Under the bright sunlight, his sickly pallor seemed to gain a hint of color.

    "It looks like things are going to get interesting."

    The powers in Black Rock City have always been divided into three sides. This time, with the participation of the Wolf's Fang Robbers, perhaps all three sides will be forced to unite. Otherwise, if any of them attempts to face the Wolf's Fang Robbers alone, it would result in death.

    As Mo Liyou spoke, whether he intended to or not, he had glanced once at Gu Ruoyun with a mysterious expression on his face.

    "Alright, it's getting late. We should set off."

    Hei Bao looked at the Wolf's Fang Robbers and frowned. In the end, he decided against saying anything and began to climb up the mountain. Every other organization at the foot of the mountain then began to follow suit.

    "It seems that the Yeh family has come prepared and isn't going to let the Murong family off so easily."

    Lu Shaochen's chest tightened as he spoke worriedly.

    "Hehe." Master Murong laughed coldly "This Yeh family are a bunch of smart alecks! He thinks that his victory is assured just because he has brought the Wolf's Fang Robbers. However, he has forgotten one thing."

    He paused before continuing, "That is, we are citizens of Black Rock City! The Wolf's Fang Robbers are considered to be an external power. Do you really think that the other organizations of Black Rock City will allow the Wolf's Fang Robbers to rain tyrannical abuse here? His attitude will only drive the powers of Black Rock City into working together to stand up against the Wolf's Fang Robbers. This is the true display of a clever person who then becomes the victim of his own ingenuity!"

    Hearing this, Lu Shaochen felt a little more assured. Nevertheless, before he could relax completely, Master Murong's voice rang out again

    "No matter what, we must all remain vigilant against any assassins from the Yeh family and Wolf's Fang Robbers! Knowing how sinister the Yeh family is, there's nothing they wouldn't do. We must all be careful from now on. It's best that we don't split up the Murong family group."

    "Yes, Master."

    Hearing this, the Murong family disciples replied in unison. Their clear voices drew the attention of a few members from other organizations who turned around to look at them.

    The Supreme Mountain's summit is riddled with dangers. As everyone present were powerful cultivators with the lowest ranked members at the level of a Martial King, the summit of the Supreme Mountain Range which was widely known as the 'death valley' was easily conquered. Only when they had reached the ancient historical ruins did the group stop in their tracks.
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