Chapter 582: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (6)

    Chapter 582: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (6)

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    The ruins were magnificent. The large, grand doors were carved with images of the Four Divine Beasts - the workmanship was almost lifelike.

    "This is the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler."

    Master Murong's heart slowly sank. Despite the large stone door, he could sense the strong aura emitting from behind it! Who knows what dangers lie ahead once they have entered the Tomb.


    Suddenly, a powerful sound rang out and caused the ground to shake. The faces of everyone in the expedition drained of color and some even began to panic.

    "What happened?"

    "Is it an earthquake?"

    Just as the crowd dived into a flurry of discussion, the large stone door opened, resembling a behemoth opening its mouth. It made everyone's hair stand on end.

    "The ruins... Is it welcoming us?"

    Gu Ruoyun's heart sank. She had never experienced such a strong sense of danger before in her life. She did not know what was going on but she could sense that this tomb was not just the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler, there was something far more dangerous inside it!

    However, since I'm already here, I can't turn back.

    "Forget it, we'll play by ear. Besides, the more dangerous the place, the faster I'll grow."

    Wasn't this how I had done it in my past life and the present one?

    And most importantly, since I've already reached this stage, I can't turn back!

    Suddenly, a strong hurricane whirled out from inside the doorway and dragged many of the expedition's members into the ruins. The heavy stone doors then slammed shut, sealing the way out.

    "Senior Brother!"

    Murong Yan held tightly onto Lu Shaochen. Her pretty face was as white as a sheet while her eyes were filled with anxiety and terror.

    "Don't worry, Yan'er, I'll protect you."

    Lu Shaochen patted the back of Murong Yan's hand in a soothing manner as he stared alertly at every corner. He also felt nervous but he refused to show it in front of Murong Yan. Otherwise, she would grow even more afraid.


    Just then, a loud laugh rang out. Yeh Ling's face was filled with excitement and an impulsiveness that he could not conceal.

    "The Tomb of the Supreme Ruler! I've finally arrived at the legendary Tomb of the Supreme Ruler! Perhaps I can even use this opportunity to break through to the rank of a Martial Supreme! Hahaha!"

    The Martial Supreme rank was a level that everyone wishes to achieve!

    After all, Martial Saints and Martial Gods were hailed as myths. They had only ever heard of the existence of Martial Saints in the East Peak Mainland. A Martial Saint was something which does not exist in the Banished Lands.

    Hence, Martial Supreme was a goal that everyone wishes to achieve. However, many would never even get close to that rank in their entire life.

    As he spoke, Yeh Ling hurriedly flew towards the Tomb. His expression was flushed with excitement and his eyes were bloodshot.

    "Stop right there!"

    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun realized a peculiar scent in the air. Her expression changed quickly and she hurriedly cried out.

    But would Yeh Ling listen to her?

    Of course not!

    In his opinion, the only reason Gu Ruoyun would ask him to stop was so that she could claim the treasures for herself! So why should he listen to her? This woman clearly does not have any good intentions.


    The look on Gu Ruoyun's face changed tremendously as she hurriedly urged, "Quick, use every single defense you've got!"

    Though Master Murong and the others were not quite sure about what was going on, because they had been used to taking orders from Gu Ruoyun, they immediately drew up their defenses and without question. The nearby organizations may not understand why the Murong family was behaving in this manner but they also absent-mindedly followed suit and wrapped themselves in spiritual Qi as a shield.
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