Chapter 583: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (7)

    Chapter 583: The Tomb Of The Supreme Ruler (7)

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    An enormous explosion slammed towards the group. Those who had not followed the Murong family's example and raised their defenses were blown away by the explosion. They spat out mouthfuls of blood while some who were of lower cultivation ranks had their arms and limbs severed or blown to pieces from the great impact of the explosion.

    Master Murong was shocked into a daze. If it had not been for Gu Ruoyun's warning, I might have ended up sustaining heavy injuries from the blast.

    "Lady Gu... What caused this explosion?"

    Gu Ruoyun glanced calmly at the direction of the blast and replied steadily, "I sensed that the Qi which had come from further up front was unsteady. I then realized that there were countless pockets of explosive force in the air! These pockets of Qi aren't usually very dangerous but once they come into contact with spiritual energy, it would cause an explosion! A cultivator's body will always carry spiritual energy. Coincidentally, it was Yeh Ling's entrance which had triggered the explosion. It goes without saying that the creator of this Tomb was a true genius. He knew that the only people who would visit this place would be cultivators. He had then concocted these explosive Qi pockets in anticipation. A non-cultivator would have been able to walk through it without much of a problem."

    If she had not encountered this in her past life, Gu Ruoyun might not have been able to realize this.

    When she had encountered such a trap in her past life, she was already a Martial Honor. Hence, she had not sustained heavy injuries. Had she not recognized these pockets of air, she would undoubtedly have ended up being implicated by Yeh Ling.


    Yeh Luo's eyes reddened as if they were filled with blood. He stared at the smoke-filled atmosphere before turning around slowly and bellowed at Gu Ruoyun in a voice dripping with venom, "It was you! You've caused the death of my son!!!"

    That's right, it's all her fault!

    Since she already knew about the dangers ahead, why hadn't she stopped Ling'er? This is all her fault!

    "Yeh Luo, what are you talking about?" Master Murong was enraged. His features were now icy cold as he said, "It was your son who had gone looking for his own death. Who's to blame for that? Lady Gu clearly tried to stop him but Yeh Ling had refused to listen to her. His actions had caused trouble for everyone else here. Yet until now, you're still putting the blame on her head? As humans, we should not act with such shamelessness."

    Hearing these words, the other organizations who were deep in sorrowful mourning regained their senses. All eyes were now turned angrily towards the Yeh family.

    "We've journeyed here bringing the best of the best in our households yet because of your b*stard boy, we've lost so many of our own! Yeh Luo, how should we calculate this debt?"

    "The Tomb of the Supreme Ruler is known for being riddled with danger yet that brainless Yeh Ling had rushed right in without even thinking ahead! If he really wants to die, he should find a place and hang himself. Don't drag us all down with him!"

    "That's right, if it wasn't for this young lady, we would have suffered much heavier casualties! Yet you would still push the blame onto her? Are you even a f*cking human?"

    They had only just arrived in the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler yet they have already suffered heavy casualties. This was the kind of heartache that no one could possibly endure.

    If it had not been for Yeh Ling's stupidity, this would never have happened!

    "Hmph! If that damned girl had not abused public power as a form of retaliation against me, my son would still be alive!"

    At this moment, Yeh Luo's expression was like a fearsome wild panther and he looked ready to rip Gu Ruoyun into shreds.

    "Damned girl, if you had explained the dangers ahead to Ling'er, he wouldn't have lost his life. This is all your fault, only your death can avenge the death of my son!"


    Ye Nuo could no longer contain himself and laughed out loud.  I've met all sorts of people in my young life but this is the first time I've ever met anyone who would stoop to such shamelessness. His shamelessness has reached the level of a learned and respected scholar. It's within sight but beyond reach.
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