Chapter 585: Tianfa, The Behemoth (1)

    Chapter 585: Tianfa, The Behemoth (1)

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    Ye Nuo glared scornfully at the Yeh family's departing figures and said, "I don't know where this idiot has come from, I've never met anyone so stupid."

    Despite his young age, he has met countless people from all sorts of background but this one certainly takes the cake!

    If my old man was here, this fellow would have been slaughtered immediately and left without a whole corpse!

    "Let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and said nothing more before they continued on their journey.

    Mo Liyou's lips curled up gently as he studied Gu Ruoyun's disappearing figure. A single thought was playing across his mind.

    I don't know why but I have a feeling that the real boss of the Murong family is Gu Ruoyun!

    "The Murong family..." Mo Liyou squinted his long and narrow eyes. The smile on his sickly-white face grew even more pronounced, "Perhaps this expedition won't turn out to be so boring after all."

    Mei Xue had a peculiar look in her eyes as her gaze remained fixed upon the departing figures. A glint then flashed across her eyes. It was difficult to interpret her thoughts.

    "Let's go!"

    Hei Bao did not give much thought to it and immediately led his men forward. Soon after, the rest followed suit. They were afraid that if they ended up lagging behind, they would not be able to find any treasure...

    All was quiet in the ruins.

    Throughout the long journey, all they could hear were their own footsteps.


    Suddenly, the Yeh family, who were at the forefront of the group, stopped suddenly without any warning. As a result, everyone behind them walked into one another.

    They nursed their throbbing heads as they exclaimed angrily, "What are all of you doing? Get out of the way if you don't want to walk in the front. Quit blocking our way!"

    Due to the previous incident caused by Yeh Ling, most of them now harbored a great dislike towards the Yeh Family. Hence, they have shrugged off all courtesy and started yelling at them.

    Just as they were about to overtake the Yeh family to take the lead, they encountered a shocking sight. Their bodies trembled endlessly as their pupils shrunk into mere black dots before slowly widening again...

    "A behemoth? No! This is impossible. How could there possibly be such a large behemoth in the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler?"

    The door to the next room was around ten meters high and the behemoth that stood in front of the door covered it completely, leaving only a small crack.

    The behemoth's fearsome and bloodthirsty eyes caused everyone present to gasp out loud.

    "It's Tianfa, the behemoth! Back in ancient times, he was the cruelest of all the spiritual beasts. It is said that Tianfa could swallow half a city moat in one mouthful! Thinking about such a malicious beast makes one's hair stand on end! But why would Tianfa, the behemoth that was thought to have disappeared long ago, appear in a place like this?" Master Murong's expression had turned into a particularly ugly shade. While he knew that this expedition would not be an easy one, he never expected to come face to face with Tianfa, the behemoth.

    This was a spiritual beast that even Martial Supremes would find hard to overcome. What was it doing in a place like this?

    "Something isn't right!"

    The scholar frowned and gently waved his fan, "This spiritual beast may have his eyes open but he is not awake!"

    This means that this spiritual beast was now in a deep slumber, if they were careful enough, perhaps they could pass by him through that small crack.

    But if they were to fail, the behemoth would awaken and everyone present would face a horrible death!

    As such, should they enter, or retreat?

    "Let me try."

    Gu Ruoyun wrinkled her brows and followed the ruins, stepping closer and closer towards the behemoth. She could not shake off the feeling that something inside was calling out to her.
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