Chapter 586: Tianfa, The Behemoth (2)

    Chapter 586: Tianfa, The Behemoth (2)

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    Perhaps this has something to do with Qianbei Ye?

    So, no matter what, I will not turn back!

    "You?" Yeh Luo scoffed coldly, sweeping a rather scornful gaze across Gu Ruoyun. He spoke disdainfully, "Don't think that I don't know your intentions. You want to be the first one to enter the door and take all the treasures for yourself. I won't let you do that! This behemoth is indeed terrifying but he is asleep. I believe that I'll be able to enter that room without waking him up."

    He looked as if he had seen right through Gu Ruoyun's intentions. Yeh Luo shot her a haughty look then zipped towards the large door.

    Based on his point of view, a person like Gu Ruoyun who values her own skin above all else would never risk her own life in the first place. Since she had been willing to give this a try, this means that this behemoth was no threat at all.

    Unfortunately, this time, Yeh Luo was wrong...

    "Not good!"

    Gu Ruoyun's expression changed greatly. She had dared to put her life on the line because the Ancient Divine Pagoda could mask the aura on her body. But Yeh Luo was different! Tianfa was indeed in a deep sleep but once he sensed the aura of a stranger, he would awaken!

    However, Yeh Luo would certainly not listen to Gu Ruoyun's warning as he hurriedly rushed towards the small gap in the doorway next to Tianfa's enormous body.

    As the small crack grew closer and closer within his sights, he could almost see the infinite treasures within his grasp. His elderly face gradually filled with delight and joy.


    A raging, earth-shattering roar blasted out from right next to him. This was followed by an overbearing force that could destroy cities, causing the ground to shake.


    Ye Nuo jumped in fright and stomped his feet in anger, "Are both the father and son of the Yeh family born idiots? Are they trying to kill me? F*cking pieces of **, if you want to die, die on your own. Don't drag me along with you!"

    At this moment, everyone looked completely terrified. They then watched as the behemoth slowly rose to his feet.

    The behemoth was about ten meters tall. His feet were armed with rows of sharp blades and his eyes were as big as large brass pans. Next to him, even the tallest man in the world would look like an ant.


    The behemoth let out another loud roar and the ruins trembled from the sheer magnitude of it all. The ones who were standing at the front of the group were sent flying out of the way before slamming heavily onto the ground.

    "That's it, we're finished now!"

    "F*ck, who had allowed those idiots from the Yeh family to join our expedition? They've nearly caused my demise!"

    The faces of everyone in the group were now as pale as a sheet. Some of them cursed and swore loudly. If it had not been for the idiot father and son from the Yeh family, they would not have encountered so many problems!

    Yeh Luo spat out a mouthful of blood. As he was the person nearest to the behemoth, his wounds were far more serious than everyone else. It can be assumed that his vital organs have suffered heavy injuries. If this were any other situation, he would certainly have pushed all of the blame onto Gu Ruoyun. Unfortunately, his entire being was now gripped with fear. He was so scared that he could not speak.

    The behemoth shook his large head and turned around stiffly. His enormous eyes fell upon Yeh Luo.

    Yeh Luo was now so terrified that he did not even dare to breathe. His body trembled endlessly, afraid that the behemoth would approach him.

    "A man?"

    Just as Yeh Luo was about to piss his pants, Tianfa's coarse and vulgar voice echoed in the silent mountain path.

    "I don't want men, I want women!"

    It was common knowledge that besides devouring meals, Tianfa the behemoth had another hobby - women!

    Of course, the reason why he liked women was not due to the perversion of mankind, it was because copulating with women would increase his power!
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