Chapter 587: Tianfa, The Behemoth (3)

    Chapter 587: Tianfa, The Behemoth (3)

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    Yeh Luo sighed in relief. He then turned this gaze and pointed at Gu Ruoyun, "There's a woman, I'll give that one to you. You can enjoy her in any way you want, it won't be a problem for me."

    "Yeh Luo, you..."

    Master Murong was so angry that his face turned ashen. He was thoroughly enraged.

    "Master Murong, for the sake of us all, you better hand that woman over. Obviously, Tianfa currently has no intention of doing anything to us. All he wants is a woman! I've been kind enough to avoid selling out your granddaughter so you should thank me." Yeh Luo shot Master Murong a look before turning to Gu Ruoyun. "Little girl, you should feel honored that you would have the privilege to save so many lives. I reckon that your life isn't worth much on a regular day."

    Gu Ruoyun did not say a word. Her expression was calm like the still surface of a lake and no one could tell what she was really thinking.

    "My Lady, I've got to take care of both my aging parents and my children. I don't want to die in a place like this so the only way out is to sacrifice you."

    "Lord Tianfa, we had stumbled into this place purely by accident, we didn't mean to disturb your slumber. If you have any frustrations, please let out on this woman. She's already yours anyway, we're certainly not going to help her."

    Once they had experienced the fear of coming face-to-face with Tianfa, the crowd who had initially been cursing and swearing at Yeh Luo just a while ago were now copying his actions without any hesitation.

    This was the nature of humans!

    Humans can be so selfish that it was almost laughable!

    Murong Yan was incensed, her bloodshot eyes glared at the crowd. She looked as if she was ready to gobble them up.

    "All of you, shut your mouth!"

    A loud angry roar miraculously shut them all up.

    Murong Yan stood with her shoulders trembling and pointed her finger at the ones who had spoken. Her beautiful face was livid with rage, "Don't you all want to live? I don't want to die either! But I do have an idea to keep us all alive, hand over all your female disciples. This way, we won't have to die at all. Why don't you send the women of your family? Why do you only insist on asking other people to sacrifice their lives?"

    The crowd fell into absolute silence. After a long pause, an elderly man sneered, "Second Lady Murong, your words are clearly devoid of any intelligence! We're all citizens of Black Rock City while she is merely an outsider! Obviously, we should send her to her grave! Why should the citizens of Black Rock City have to sacrifice themselves?"

    "That's right, she's only an outsider. Even if the Murong family has taken her in, we had never acknowledged her as a citizen of Black Rock City! However, as the Second Lady of the Murong family, you've actually sided with an outsider and betrayed Black Rock City! Could it be that you've forgotten the rules about outsiders in Black Rock City?"

    "Lord Hei Bao, Lord Mei Xue, Lord Liyou. Second Lady Murong has betrayed Black Rock City, please come to a decision and punish her! A person who places the interests of Black Rock City second does not have the right to remain in Black Rock City. She should be exiled!"

    Yeh Luo smiled complacently as he listened to the fervent debate.

    So, only the Murong family wants to go against me? This time, even without the help of the Wolf's Fang Robbers, I can take care of these people easily!

    "Humans have always been despicable!"

    Tianfa the behemoth glared coldly at the puny humans before him. His eyes were fearsome and malicious, "You've all disturbed my slumber, none of you will be allowed to escape! The women shall be spared so that I can slowly savor each and every one of them. As for the men... I can now make you all denizens of my belly!"

    Humans have always been selfish and despicable, this is also why I've always hated them.

    From my point of view, living beings like humans should be hunted to extinction from the mainland!
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