Chapter 588: Tianfa, The Behemoth (4)

    Chapter 588: Tianfa, The Behemoth (4)

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    Tianfa roared angrily once again at the thought of this and the sound echoed throughout the ruins. Everyone looked completely horrified as they widened their eyes.

    "Murong Lin, this is all your fault! If you had given that woman to Lord Tianfa a little sooner, Lord Tianfa wouldn't have let out his anger on our heads! Bringing harm to the forces of Black Rock City for the sake of an outsider... Are you even human?!"

    One man, madded with fear, yelled maniacally at Master Murong.

    To him, Lord Tianfa's anger towards them was all because of that old man's hesitation!

    Master Murong's expression was particularly ugly now. His sharp eyes swept across every face in the crowd but he does not have the time to give the group a good talking to. He directed his vigilant gaze towards Tianfa the behemoth.

    "Tianfa is indeed powerful and we are no match for him! But if we work together, we might stand a chance at survival!"

    "A chance at survival? Haha, old man Murong, you must be f*cking kidding!" An old man exclaimed through gritted teeth. His eyes were completely red. Anyone who was unaware of the situation would think that Master Murong had raided his ancestral graves and snatched away his daughter-in-laws.

    How much hatred would one need to feel for one to look at their opponent with eyes like those?

    "Tianfa the behemoth is a troublesome beast even for a Martial Supreme. You would dare to claim that we have a chance at survival? We won't be able to escape under his threat! We won't even have the opportunity to retaliate under his tyrannical abuse. If it wasn't for the Murong family's reluctance in making the sacrifice, we wouldn't have angered Tianfa!"

    "That's right, Murong Lin, this would never have happened if it wasn't for the Murong family's hesitance in giving away that woman away earlier."

    The members of the crowd chimed in one after another and placed all of the blame on the Murong family member's heads.

    Master Murong's expression was growing uglier and uglier by the second. He clenched his fists so tightly that they trembled. If Tianfa was not watching them all like a tiger watching its prey, he would have beat them all up by now!

    Tianfa had not made a single move from the beginning. His fearsome eyes stared at the tiny humans with interest as if he was watching a bunch of jumping clowns.

    Humans have always been this way!

    They would never hesitate to sell out their own kind for the sake of survival!

    Most of all, I absolutely love watching a scene like this! Especially since they're all fighting over trivial matters while outside death's door.

    Interesting, this is truly interesting!

    Having been in a deep sleep for so many years, it's been such a long time since I've experienced the adrenaline rush of torturing humans like these!

    "How about this, I'll give you all one chance at survival."

    Tianfa's loud voice was like the sound of rumbling thunder and his message arrived like a stroke of lightning in their ears. At this moment, the dejected looks of hopelessness have now turned into faces full of hope again.

    To them, nothing was more important than survival.

    "Amongst all of you, only ten will be allowed to leave this place!" Tianfan raised his head arrogantly and spoke in his booming voice, "So, I want you all to start fighting. Only the last surviving ten of you will be allowed to leave this place!"

    Humans. Selfish, stupid, greedy, cowardly and afraid of death...

    The ugly side of humanity was now laid bare before him. Not a single one of them would willingly give up their own lives! They would only struggle and kill each other for the sake of staying alive!!

    "Let's kill those b*stards from the Murong family first! They're responsible for our current situation. Once we kill them all, we'll stand a better chance at survival!"

    No one could tell where that voice had come from but soon, most of the members of the crowd began to surround the Murong family.

    A sinister smile appeared on Yeh Luo's face at the sight of this. He stared rather complacently at the ugly color on Master Murong's face...
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