Chapter 589: Intimidation (1)

    Chapter 589: Intimidation (1)

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    "Lady Gu, I'm sorry I've dragged you down with us."

    Master Murong laughed bitterly. He never expected these people to turn out to be so shameless. After all, the Murong family was once quite friendly with most of the forces in Black Rock City. But now, for the sake of their safety, they were willing to give away the life of an innocent girl.

    Gu Ruoyun did not respond. She directed her clear, cold gaze towards the crowd approaching her. Her expression was as calm as the surface of a still lake.

    The strongest amongst this group should be at the rank of a Martial Emperor. As long as the Three Great Authorities do not make their move, tackling them would not be a problem.

    Clearly, not a single cultivator from the Three Great Authorities has made a move! Even Gu Ruoyun could not figure out if they do not wish to be a part of this or if they were simply going to watch from the sidelines.

    "A bunch of idiots."

    Ye Nuo rolled his eyes. His small face showed no signs of fear as if these people were nothing more than a few jumping clowns.

    "You think that you can leave this place simply by killing us? What do you think Tianfa is? Spiritual beasts like him cannot be trusted. He only wants to witness humans killing each other off mercilessly yet some idiots would actually trust in his words. Even a small child like me can see right through his intentions but you grown-ups would willingly allow yourselves to be played like fools! What limitless levels of stupidity!"

    When she heard this, Mei Xue, who had shown no response from the very beginning, turned subconsciously towards Ye Nuo's fair pink cheeks. A sense of intrigue flashed in her eyes as she stroked her chin, "It seems that this kid is actually quite extraordinary."

    Fearless in the face of danger and a quick mind, was this really a ten-year-old child?

    I wonder where he's from...

    "You little brat, what do you know?" An elderly man glared at Ye Nuo and spoke maliciously, "You're only a little doll who's still wet behind the ears! Yet you would dare to lecture us?"

    Ye Nuo laughed in ridicule and swept his disdainful gaze across the old man, who had capitalized on his seniority, from head to toe.

    "Idiot." He spat tauntingly.


    The old man was immediately enraged and his entire body erupted with a green flame. He gathered the flames into his fist and aimed everything recklessly towards Ye Nuo.


    A flash of green robes appeared in front Ye Nuo and all he could see was a girl who was gently raising her head as her long black hair fluttered in the wind. Her hand gripped tightly onto the old man's fist as her power rose from within her body. It coursed through her system, into her arm and out the palm of her hand...

    Crack, crack, crack!

    In that instant, everyone in the crowd heard the cracking sounds of his fractured bodily functions. Then, the old man's flesh began to swell and a hole tore through his arm but he did not bleed.


    Under the excruciating pain, the old man let out a blood-curdling scream as his bulging eyes began to fill with blood, sending palpitations across the hearts of the terrified crowd.

    "If anyone else continues to attack, you will all end up like him."


    Just as the girl's clear, cold voice rang out, the old man's arm suddenly snapped into two and fresh blood spewed out of the wound. He then fainted from the immense pain and his pale face was a ghastly sight to behold.

    Yeh Luo was completely stunned, he looked as if he had witnessed an elephant raping an ant. He was rendered completely speechless.

    After all, even though the old man's powers were no match for his, that old man had been a Martial Emperor.

    Even he did not have the power to snap that old man's arm so suddenly. The man did not even have the chance to resist...
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