Chapter 590: Intimidation (2)

    Chapter 590: Intimidation (2)

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    "Does anyone else want to try?"

    Gu Ruoyun stared at each and every stunned expression in the crowd. Her clear, cold voice was filled with murderous intent.

    Her words suddenly brought them all back to their senses. In that moment, beads of cold sweat began to roll down their foreheads.

    A Martial Emperor!

    This girl is actually a Martial Emperor!

    Where had the Murong family found such a young genius like her?

    "Hmph, a bunch of useless humans!" Tianfa's gaze sunk and he turned his attention towards Gu Ruoyun. He spoke with insufferable arrogance, "Human, I had intended to spare your life and make you my woman so that you would contribute to my cultivation. However, your actions have angered me! I'll kill you first then I'll make them slaughter each other!"

    There are other women here anyway, I don't necessarily need her! This woman has also broken the rules of my game so that means that she must die!


    Tianfa finally moved. The ground shook with every step he took as if a great mountain had fallen from the Heavens, crashing fiercely into the ground.

    "Bodyguard Gu!"

    Ye Nuo held onto Gu Ruoyun's hand with a tight grip. He, who had been unfazed when the crowd surrounded him, was not gripped with fear. His stubborn and sparkling eyes darted to the left and to the right. It looked as if he was trying really hard to think of an idea to defeat Tianfa the behemoth...

    "Human girl, you've offended me. You shall be the first to die!"

    As Master Murong and the rest watched Tianfa raise his paws, they turned as white as ghosts and yelled, "Lady Gu, watch out!"


    With a wave of a paw, the sheer force from that one motion created a wind that sent them all whirling away and crashing heavily to the sides. When they raised their heads, the paw that was bigger than a mountain was already in front of Gu Ruoyun's face.

    Everyone believed that with that one blow, Gu Ruoyun would surely lose her life!

    Hence, Yeh Luo smiled. His smile looked far happier than the rest as his eyes filled with malice and cruelty. Anyone who did not know any better would assume that Gu Ruoyun had murdered his wife and daughter.


    Once you die, my son and grandson will be avenged!

    People like you have no right to be left alive on this earth!

    Yeh Luo laughed loudly at the thought.

    He had completely forgotten his terrifying encounter with Tianfa, all he knew was that the thing he had hoped for the most was finally going to happen...

    She's going to die!

    Before Yeh Luo could stop laughing, he heard a cold and arrogant voice that pierced through the void, cutting off his laughter.

    "Oh, little Tianfa! Who gave you the guts to come here and rain tyrannical abuse? Well? Aren't you going to leave?"


    A wave of powerful coercion erupted from thin air and caused Tianfa's paw to stop abruptly on Gu Ruoyun's head.

    Tianfa looked as if he had seen something completely terrifying. His entire body backed away. He then covered his head with two paws and cowered as his enormous body trembled incessantly.

    "No! Don't kill me, don't kill me!"


    Why is that guy here? Of all places? And... with a human girl?

    Unless I'm remembering this correctly, that man was that guy's Master?



    That terrifying being was already dead, he can't possibly appear in a place like this!

    Tianfa was now like a small rabbit that had seen a tiger. He no longer held a haughty and arrogant air. His entire body was now curled up into a ball, clearly scared out of his mind.

    Seeing this, Gu Ruoyun heaved a sigh of relief.
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