Chapter 591: Intimidation (3)

    Chapter 591: Intimidation (3)

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    Despite Zixie's inability to leave the Ancient Divine Pagoda, it still wasn't a bad idea to use him as a weapon of intimidation, thought Gu Ruoyun.

    "This... What just happened?"

    "Who or what was that? Could it be that there are other cultivators residing in the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler?"

    A cultivator who was able to scare off the great Tianfa... If that cultivator wishes to claim the treasures for himself, we won't stand a chance.

    The crowd shivered at the thought of this.

    "My Lord, may I ask what business you have here?" Yeh Luo asked as his eyes darted back and forth. He bowed his head and joined his fists respectfully.

    Only silence answered his question!

    It was so quiet that one could hear the breathing of the person next to them...

    "My Lord, thank you for your help but can you tell us your name?"

    Yeh Luo continued to ask.

    However, at that moment, only silence reigned. All they could hear was the sound of their own breathing.

    The mysterious person seemed to have disappeared after saying his piece. It was as if he had stumbled upon the scene by accident.

    Except, they were now deep within the ruins... How could he possibly have passed by so casually?

    "It would seem that this Lord had happened on us by accident." Mei Xue exclaimed after a long pause, "Since that's the case, let us be on our way. I don't think Tianfa will stop us now."


    Just as Mei Xie spoke, Yeh Luo immediately cried out and shot Gu Ruoyun a cold glare, "That Lord had only appeared to save the citizens of Black Rock City. I'm certain that he has some favor towards Black Rock City. This woman is not a part of Black Rock City so she cannot come with us!"

    Hearing this, the trembling Tianfa raised his head and stared at Yeh Luo before lowering his head again without another word.

    That Lord had not shown himself probably because he did not wish for anyone to know of his existence.


    These people clearly have something against this woman! I may be afraid of that Lord's powers but that doesn't mean that I won't retaliate!

    As such, he decided to spare these despicable humans for the time being and let them cause trouble for this woman! After all, it was her fault for using that man to intimidate him! He had already awakened anyways and has no obligation to remain in the ruins. There will be plenty of opportunities for him to fill his belly later on...

    Tianfa's eyes darted back and forth before smiling despicably. He then hurriedly wiped off that smile as he was afraid that Zixie would sense his bad intentions and continued to tremble with fear.

    "Leader, second-in-command, wouldn't you agree?"

    Yeh Luo turned towards the scholar and the man with the side whiskers as he spoke, breaking into a flattering smile.

    "Let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun did not even bother to look at them and turned towards the door guarded by Tianfa. This greatly angered Yeh Luo, whose face then turned ashen as a result. In the end, he scoffed coldly and followed along behind her.

    At the giant door, the path branched into two. One was labeled with 'the Door of Life' and the other said 'the Door to Death'.

    "Lady Gu, which road should we take?"

    Master Murong looked at Gu Ruoyun and asked respectfully.

    Gu Ruoyun paused in hesitation and stared at the two doors. She does not know why but the Door of Life seemed to emit a faint aura of vitality.

    "We'll take the Door of Life."


    Master Murong did not miss a beat and respected Gu Ruoyun's decision.

    Then, before everyone else could make a clear decision, they walked through the Door of Life.

    "Bunch of idiots!"

    Yeh Luo sneered and exclaimed disdainfully, "The point of our journey to this tomb is to take risks yet some people seem to be only interested in saving their own necks! Everyone knows that in the search for riches and honor, the more dangerous the place, the more treasures there will be! They have given us a choice between the Door of Life and the Door to Death. The person who had designed this tomb would surely know that most would choose the Door of Life. Therefore, the Door of Life is the one that holds the true danger! I seriously don't know if she's really an idiot to have made such a foolish choice."
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