Chapter 594: To Threaten (2)

    Chapter 594: To Threaten (2)

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    "Take out all the treasures you've found and share them with us. How about it?"

    Gu Ruoyun laughed as if she had just heard a hilarious joke.

    "You all chose to go through the Door to Death. Who's really to blame for your lack of rewards?"

    "Hmph!" The man with side whiskers scoffed coldly and stared condescendingly at Gu Ruoyun, "Little lady, aren't you afraid of being hunted down and murdered by bandits because you are carrying so much treasure with you? Our Wolf's Fang Robbers may be bandits but we won't casually send our people after those who are obedient to us! As for those who don't appreciate our kindness, they shouldn't blame us for our lack of courtesy!"

    "That's right, idiot girl, give us the treasure!"

    The crowd seemed to awaken from a daydream after hearing his words and began to surround Gu Ruoyun. They spoke with a tone of self-righteousness.

    "So many of us have joined this exhibition yet you were the only one to keep all the treasure for yourself? Do you have no shame? I certainly have never met such a shameless person like you!"

    "At such a young age, young lady, how could you be so thick-skinned? You actually thought of claiming all the benefits for yourself! In my long years on this earth, I've never met such a woman as shameless as you!"

    "Little lady, didn't your parents teach you to share? Such selfishness, you're not fit to be considered human!"

    One after another, the crowd placed all of the blame and chastised Gu Ruoyun. As the Murong family listened to their baseless accusations, they began to tremble with anger and dearly wished that they could crush the others' bones into pieces.

    "Shut up!" Master Murong bellowed angrily and spat, "Have you all f*cking finished? I'm certain you all know who is truly shameless here. If you all had followed us into the Door of Life, perhaps we could still share some things with you. Except, all of you had chosen a different path and now you have the audacity to demand Lady Gu to give you the treasure? Dream on!"

    Yeh Luo laughed icily, "Murong Lin, haven't you heard of the phrase 'majority wins'? Since so many of us are saying that she's in the wrong, she's in the wrong! No matter what, all the treasures you've found today shall be given to us!"

    As he looked at the shameless faces before him, Master Murong felt a pang of disappointment. He had a few friendly relationships amongst those in the jeering crowd, but now? For the sake of their own selfish gains, they've stooped to such levels of shamelessness.

    Mo Liyou and the rest did not join in but they were obviously watching a very good show from the sides.

    Or should we say 'as two dogs strive for a bone, a third runs away with it'?

    Before Gu Ruoyun could see through their intentions in time, the Wolf's Fang Robbers had already surrounded the Murong family. Not even a fly could squeeze itself out of their circle.

    "It seems that a battle is unavoidable."

    Gu Ruoyun sighed. She really did not think that she would have a fight with the Wong's Fang Robbers so soon!

    After all, even if she wishes to take down the Wolf's Fang Robbers now, based on her current level of strength, she really does not have any guarantee of victory!

    Nevertheless, she has no choice but to fight!

    "Hold it!"

    Just then, Mo Liyou, who had not said a word from the beginning, opened his mouth and spoke.

    His pale, sickly face held a smile and his voice, which was soft and gentle like a cool breeze, rang through the ruins, "Do you all really think that this is the time to raise a civil war? I don't care what you have against each other or what you hope to steal. This is not the time! I, Mo Liyou, do not wish to be a busybody but we still can't be absolutely sure of what's going to happen in the ruins. An extra pair of hands means an extra source of strength. Wait until we leave the ruins then do as you please. I won't meddle at all then."
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