Chapter 595: To Threaten (3)

    Chapter 595: To Threaten (3)

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    Hearing this, the scholar's refined features deepened in consideration. He closed his fan and pondered Mo Liyou's suggestion.

    "Lord Mo, there are so many of us here and the lone Murong family won't be missed at all. I simply don't believe that we would be unable to storm the ruins without them." Yeh Luo laughed icily as he glared hatefully at Gu Ruoyun.

    However, just as he spoke, the scholar shot him a cold glare.

    It looked like a normal glare but it made Yeh Luo break out in cold sweat and he got so scared that he did not dare to raise his head. He firmly kept his head down as if the ire from the scholar was as terrifying as a monster.

    "Master Mo is right." The scholar snapped his fan open again and looked at Gu Ruoyun before smiling indifferently, "Lady Gu, if you manage to escape these ruins alive, we will have a proper discussion regarding the jurisdiction of the treasures, agreed?"

    Gu Ruoyun's face was as calm as if this were any other normal day. Her dark eyes were like a pair of calm, black lakes and were completely still. However, her heart was continuously mulling over different sorts of countermeasures on how to deal with the upcoming situation.

    Previously, she could rely on Zixie and because Zixie was always by her side, she had no fear of anything that comes her way.

    Now, Zixie was unable to show himself physically. When he had helped her to suppress the spiritual beast all the way from the Ancient Divine Pagoda, it had sorely tested limits! Also, this method may be effective towards spiritual beasts but these greedy people will see right through it sooner or later.

    She, who could no longer rely on Zixie, must think of a way out on her own.

    She didn't think too much of the others but the only one who made her feel threatened was this seemingly delicate-looking scholar!

    "Eldest Lady, let's be on our way."

    Master Murong let out a sigh of relief. Since Gu Ruoyun's identity has been exposed, he had no reason to address her as Lady Gu anymore and straightaway addressed her as Eldest Lady.


    Gu Ruoyun recollected her thoughts and said nothing more. Before she went on her way, she sent a knowing look towards Mo Liyou.

    I wonder if this man had done this because he believes that there is strength in numbers... Or was he truly trying to help me?

    Whatever it is, I owe him one.


    All was deathly quiet in the tomb. It was so quiet that all anyone could hear was the sound of their own footsteps.

    Throughout their long journey, everyone moved as carefully as possible, afraid that they would accidentally step into a trap.

    Yeh Luo fixed his hateful glare upon Gu Ruoyun's figure and his entire face was filled with malice.

    Even though she had not killed Yeh Ling directly, he had died because she did not save him! As such, for the part she played in my son's death, it will be impossible for us to live under the same sky! Once the opportunity arrives, I will make this woman follow my son to the grave!

    Would robbing her of her treasures be enough? No! That would be far from enough! Not even her death would be enough to mend the anguish from my son's death!

    "Bodyguard Gu, that creepy old man keeps looking at you." Ye Nuo curled his lips and spoke indignantly, "This day has certainly broadened my perspectives. I've never seen anyone coerce somebody to hand over their hard-earned treasure in all of my young life. They even dared to say that if you don't hand them over, you're shameless! If Grandfather was here and had seen how shameless these people are, he would definitely kill them all with a single slap! Bodyguard Gu, once we leave this place, you must come home with me. My old man isn't good in a lot of things but at least he can protect you from harm."

    Every time he thought of what had happened, Ye Nuo's heart would swell in anger. He was also feeling regretful for not listening to his grandfather's advice and work hard in his cultivation.

    If I was as strong as Grandfather, who would dare bully my people in front of me then?
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