Chapter 596: To Threaten (4)

    Chapter 596: To Threaten (4)

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    "There's no need for that." Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose as she replied, "I still have some unfinished business."

    "That's very easy, let my old man take care of that for you. If he refuses, I... I have no issues disowning a grandfather like him."

    If Ye Lan heard that, he would probably whip this little b*stard in his fury.

    After all, he had brought this kid up for so many years and now he was saying that he wishes to disown him? What a thankless wretch.


    Their conversation unexpectedly fell into Yeh Luo's ears and he laughed in ridicule.

    Who does this kid think his grandfather is? Will he become invincible with him around? I'm certain that the Leader can crush that old man to the ground with one thumb! Does he think that his grandfather is as great as the Lord of the Ye family? The one whom none in the Banished Lands would ever dare to provoke?

    "Ye Nuo, help me with something." Gu Ruoyun lowered her gaze and spoke through soul telepathy, If I'm unable to leave the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler, take care of the Murong family for me. Only your grandfather can help me with this. Of course, there are some other matters but those don't involve you. If the Murong family were to be in mortal danger, protect them for me.

    Her voice had sounded in Ye Nuo's soul immediately so that no one else could overhear.

    Ye Nuo was clearly shocked. He jumped, blinked and asked, "When you said that you can't leave the Tomb of the Supreme Rule, what's the meaning of this?"

    "Don't you worry about what I mean, promise me this."

    Earlier on, Gu Ruoyun had already sensed it. There was a power calling out to her. It was not on this level but lay further underground! Beneath the surface, there was something calling out to her!

    So, no matter what, she must shake these people and explore the underground on her own!

    However, once she leaves, the Murong family will certainly be in danger! She would be the cause of them being in danger!

    While she has no particular feelings for the Murong family, she does not feel comfortable if she were to drag innocent people down with her. Furthermore, the Murong family was now a force that belonged to her! If she wishes to protect the Murong family from the other forces in Black Rock City, only Ye Nuo can do that for her.


    Ye Nuo looked at Gu Ruoyun hesitantly but did not ask any more questions as he agreed,   "I promise you."

    "Thank you."

    This was the first time Gu Ruoyun said those words with such sincerity, making Ye Nuo feel rather embarrassed. He minced his words shyly until he finally raised his tender yet proud little chin and said, "What's there to thank? You're my bodyguard, shouldn't I be helping you?"

    Because Gu Ruoyun had used soul telepathy to communicate with him, everyone else had not heard a thing she had just said. All they could see was Ye Nuo mumbling to himself. He didn't notice the strange looks thrown at him at all.

    However, Mo Liyou stared at the two and looked deep in thought.

    The group walked on for quite some time until they finally reached the end of the long path and arrived at a lonely wooden bridge.

    Everything beneath the bridge was pitch black, one simply could not see anything from above. Nevertheless, the profound aura radiating from the void below was absolutely terrifying.

    "This is the legendary Cliff of the Dead." Mei Xue took one look at the pitch-black cliff, stroked her chin and spoke coquettishly, "It is said that not even a Martial Emperor can fly out from the depths of the Cliff of the Dead. I didn't expect to find it here, tsk, tsk. I'm certainly feeling even more curious."

    Gu Ruoyun said nothing but stared silently at the cliff. Unless I'm mistaken, the power that calls out to me is at the bottom of this cliff...

    Just as she was deep in thought, a heavy force fell on her back and she lost her balance. As she fell into the depths of the cliff, she heard Yeh Luo's arrogant laughter.

    "Damned girl, you had hurt my grandson and caused my son's death. Now, you will die. Hahaha!"
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