Chapter 597: Martial Saint (1)

    Chapter 597: Martial Saint (1)

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    Master Murong and the rest could not even react in time. All they saw was Yeh Luo's forceful push and Gu Ruoyun's figure falling off the precipice soon after.

    Instantly, everyone's faces changed greatly.

    "Yeh Luo, what do you f*cking think you're doing?" Master Murong roared angrily. His eyes spat fire as he clenched his fists and trembled with rage. He looked as if he could gobble a person up in one bite.

    The Murong family drew their weapons and stepped forward, glaring furiously at the Yeh family. All they needed was for their master to give the word and they would attack.

    The situation immediately turned grim.

    Both sides were at odds and looked as if they wanted to tear each other to pieces.

    Yeh Luo's maniacal laughter echoed through the empty space around the single-plank bridge, "Master Murong, the Murong family is completely useless. To actually surrender to a woman, I don't care what heavenly abilities this woman has, she would never live another day not while I'm around. Anyone who crosses the Yeh family will meet certain death!"


    Master Murong clenched his fists tighter and tighter. He could only hear gurgling noises and his eyes turned bloodshot. Suddenly, the might of his power as a high-level Martial Emperor erupted without any warning.

    "Yeh Luo, I want you to die!"

    "Oh, and you think you can do it?"

    Yeh Luo sneered, "If it hadn't been for Master Mo's intervention, I would have killed you long ago! Murong Lin, you've ganged up with outsiders and neglected Black Rock City. You've even harmed a citizen of Black Rock City for the sake of an outsider! You should be punished with ten thousand deaths for this crime but I've spared you on account of the authorities of Black Rock City. Yet you still don't know what's good for you and insist on looking for your own death!"

    He wasn't afraid of Master Murong one bit. After all, they were both high-level Martial Emperors. The old man in front of him was simply no match for him.

    Furthermore, the Wolf's Fang Robbers were present as well.

    He had nothing to fear even if he had to face the Three Great Authorities of Black Rock City!

    "Master Murong."

    Just then, a refined and cultured voice sounded.

    Before Master Murong could make his move, his saw the man who was wrapped in scholarly airs making his way to stand between the two men. A warm smile hung on the corners of his lips as if nothing had just happened.

    "I wonder if you could put my reputation into consideration and collect all debts after we have finished this expedition?"


    Even though he had spoken so casually, the scholar emitted a hint of his power as a Martial Honor at the end of his speech. His power was like a majestic mountain which pressed up against Master Murong.

    This was a covert form of danger!

    The meaning of the scholar's words was clear. Regardless of the situation, everything must wait until after they leave the tomb. If Master Murong insists on making a move here, then... He would personally end his life, on the spot.

    In that moment, Master Murong's face was an ugly sight to behold.


    Murong Yan's chest tightened and she firmly grabbed onto Master Murong's wrist. Nevertheless, her alluring eyes were focused upon Yeh Luo with rage, "Yeh Luo, you will receive retribution!"

    "Retribution?" Yeh Luo laughed coldly, "Murong Yan, you shouldn't be the one to say these things. You, who had treated your own half-sister in that manner yet you'd dare to speak of the retribution of others? The person who deserves retribution most of all is you!"


    Suddenly, a cold scoff was heard, cutting off their conversation.

    Mei Xue now carried an ugly expression on her face as well. Mo Liyou had already made his point very clear that no matter the grudges between them, everyone should wait until we all leave the tomb. After all, the road ahead is far too dangerous and that girl seemed pretty powerful. She would certainly have been a great help.
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