Chapter 598: Martial Saint (2)

    Chapter 598: Martial Saint (2)

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    I had not expected Yeh Luo to abuse public power and retaliate against a personal enemy in such a way. He's just clinging to the support of the Wolf's Fang Robbers while ignoring the existence of the Three Great Authorities!

    But no matter what, what's happened has already happened. No matter how angry they feel, it's useless! In our current circumstance, we cannot afford to lose any more people.

    "Yeh Luo, you should shut your mouth as well and continue on the expedition! If you try to cause an internal war again, we probably won't ever get to leave this place."


    Just as Mei Xue was about to leave, the young boy who was standing next to Master Murong suddenly spoke.

    "Beautiful auntie," Ye Nuo's little face broke into a smile, "I'd like to request for a promise."


    Mei Xue raised her eyebrows and glanced at Ye Nuo, This little fellow wishes to discuss conditions with me?

    Unless I'm mistaken, this little fellow was the only one who had stayed calm after that woman was pushed off the cliff.

    "That's right." Ye Nuo smiled in satisfaction, "I'd like to ask you to promise me one thing. I want the issues between the Murong family and the Yeh family to be settled only after we've arrived back at Black Rock City. I don't want these two powers to start fighting the moment we leave the Tomb! This is the tomb of a powerful cultivator, even if we're here on an expedition, we must maintain our respect. However, once we arrive in Black Rock City, the Yeh family can do whatever they wish."

    Once we reach Black Rock City, the Yeh family won't be able to do anything!

    I've promised Bodyguard Gu that if she was unable to leave the Tomb, I must protect the Murong family!

    "Hehehe." Mei Xue covered her lips and smiled seductively as she glanced coquettishly at Ye Nuo, "Little brother, you're still so young yet you understand the principle of respecting powerful cultivators. I'm certainly in admiration. However, I don't like it when you call me auntie."

    Ye Nuo's eyes darted back and forth before he grinned, "Beautiful big sister, you must know that a person like Yeh Nuo will not keep to his word and that the Wolf's Fang Robbers is an organization that doesn't differentiate between right and wrong. I'm merely asking for your help in this, beautiful big sister."

    "Little fellow, you certainly are sweet. I'll promise you this on account of me being your beautiful big sister." Mei Xue smiled seductively like a beautiful flower that could throw the world into disorder, "But, little brother, are you not a member of the Murong family?"

    Ye Nuo blinked, "I'm only a passerby, I don't know them very well."

    "You speak rubbish!" Yeh Luo glared at him, "It was you who had hurt my grandchild!"

    Hearing this, Mei Xue and the rest were stunned as they stared at Ye Nuo.

    If their memory serves them right, Yeh Luo's grandchild was rather talented. How could this little guy possibly have hurt him?

    "Your grandchild insulted me. The fact that I've only crippled him was an act of mercy." Ye Nuo spoke with utter disdain as the corners of his mouth curled into a smile filled with ridicule, "I say, old thief, if you have the guts, do not make your move once we leave the Tomb. Wait until we reach Black Rock City, it won't be too late anyways!"


    Yeh Luo was panicking as he thought, I had invited the Wolf's Fang Robbers to help me take down the Murong family. What else is there for them to be present if not for this very purpose? What's the use then?

    "Yeh Luo, I've already agreed to this." Mei Xue shot Yeh Luo a look and said, "Once you set foot into Black Rock City, the Three Great Authorities will not interfere no matter how you wish to settle this. However, you certainly cannot do this now! It is just as this little boy has said, we are already intruding on someone else's grave. We should at least give the owner his due respect. You are not allowed to do anything against the Murong family!"
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