Chapter 599: Martial Saint (3)

    Chapter 599: Martial Saint (3)

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    Yeh Luo grew anxious. He hurriedly turned towards the scholar and the man with the side whiskers. At this moment, he could not tell what was going on in their minds. None of them had stood up for him...

    "Let's continue on the expedition."

    As she spoke, Mei Xue continued forward.

    Murong Yan looked as if she wanted to say something until Ye Nuo stopped her, "What do you think you're doing?"

    "Ye Nuo, are we really going to let Yeh Luo off? Just like that?"

    She was not satisfied at all. That bastard had killed Gu Ruoyun. Therefore, he must pay for it with his life!

    Ye Nuo glanced at Murong Yan and replied irritably, "Haven't I already mentioned this? All notions of revenge shall be settled when we're back. Do you think that the Murong family alone can defeat the Wolf's Fang Robbers?"

    If it had not been for the promise I made to Gu Ruoyun, I would not have bothered about these people.

    "But Lady Gu, she..."

    Bodyguard Gu is not dead!

    Ye Nuo scrunched up his face, "If you dare curse her into death, I won't care about the Murong family anymore!"

    That's right, deep within Ye Nuo's little heart, Gu Ruoyun has only left them for a little while. She was not dead so why do these people keep thinking like that?

    Murong Yan was stunned and she stared at the tiny figure in front of her, temporarily unsure of what to say.

    In the end, she simply sighed and ran after the group.


    Dressed in green robes and slender like a bamboo tree, the girl stood up in the middle of the cave. Gu Ruoyun looked around the ancient-looking cave as a peculiar light flashed across her clear, cold eyes.

    "I didn't think that I would end up at the very bottom after falling from the bridge. I also didn't expect that the bottom of it all would turn out to be a cave."

    Most importantly, I seem to sense a familiar aura in this cave...

    This aura, I've only ever felt it on one person!

    Shi Yun!!!

    Now that she remembered this name, Gu Ruoyun's heart could not help but tremble.

    That's right, the aura from within this cave is very similar to hers. However, Shi Yun was dead so where is this aura coming from?

    "You're finally here."

    In the empty, quiet cave, before Gu Ruoyun could understand what was going on, a cold and haughty voice slowly rang out. It was filled with a heavy, forceful aura and immediately caused Gu Ruoyun to feel suffocated. She felt as if her body now weighed 500 kilograms.

    "Who are you?"

    Gu Ruoyun's face looked slightly pale. She did not know why but when that voice had spoken, she had felt the aura of death!

    This aura was very, very close to her!


    Suddenly, the air in the cave seemed to freeze. A hand then tore a hole in the frozen air and reached out towards her before a figure dressed in black robes appeared before Gu Ruoyun.

    The man before her was completely shrouded in darkness so that she could not make out his features at all. His voice was arrogant and cold, he had the airs of someone who looked disdainfully at the world as if no one could beat him at all.

    "Who am I? Hehe, you don't have the right to know that yet! Hand over Qianbei Ye and the Ancient Divine Pagoda and this Holy One shall spare your life!"


    When Gu Ruoyun heard this honorific, her heart shook.

    Only one type of person would be allowed to address themselves in this manner, a Martial Saint!

    In the mainland where gods do not exist, Martial Saints were considered to be the best cultivators in the world!

    But what was a majestic Martial Saint doing in a place like this?

    "I want to ask you something, what is the relationship between you and Shi Yun?"

    Gu Ruoyun slowly steadied her trembling heart and asked in a calm voice.

    "Shi Yun?" The man sneered, "That useless good-for-nothing! A huge waste of my essence and blood!"

    As expected...

    Gu Ruoyun finally understood the entire situation.

    No wonder I had sensed an aura similar to Shi Yun's from the moment I fell into this cave. This man was the person who had appeared from Shi Yun's body! Perhaps, all my questions will be answered today...

    The origins of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, Qianbei Ye's identity, and... The connection between Shi Yun and Xiao Ye!

    Today, I'll have the chance to find out everything!
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