Chapter 604: Shi Yuns Identity (5)

    Chapter 604: Shi Yun's Identity (5)

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    "Actually, little girl, based on your talent, you will grow in strength very quickly. It's only that I will no longer be by your side so you must take care of yourself." Zixie smiled gently. His voice filled with a reluctance to leave, "Every time I see you, you're always covered in scars. When are you going to take care of yourself?"

    "Zixie, tell me. What price did you have to pay? Why had you resorted to some sort of method to force your power to increase?"

    Gu Ruoyun held tightly onto Zixie's hand and refused to let go. She was terrified that if she loosened her grip even for one second, the man in front of her would leave her.

    At this very moment, she was afraid. She was truly afraid!

    Even in her past life, when she was staring at Death straight in the face, she had not felt any hint of fear.

    "Don't you worry, I won't leave you completely. I will be using other means to stay by your side. The only thing is that I will no longer be able to fight for you nor will I be able to protect you."

    This little girl has established so many enemies, how can I leave in peace?

    "I'm sorry, if I hadn't come here then you wouldn't have..." Gu Ruoyun's heart was swollen with guilt but most of it was regret.

    If only I had not given in to Tian Sheng's temptation, I would not have dragged Zixie down with me.

    "No." Zixie shook his head and smiled weakly, "Little girl, this matter has nothing to do with you. What had brought you here was not Tian Sheng. He had inadvertently followed your aura and descended into this place. Actually, even if you had not come to the Tomb, he could still appear before you. There is definitely something calling out to you in this Tomb but it is further along the way. Unfortunately, the road ahead is one that you must take alone."

    Cough , cough!

    Zixie coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. On this very piece of land, this was a particularly ghastly sight.

    "Zixie, that won't happen. You can't leave me and there must be a way to save you. You must tell me, there has to be a way!"

    In my past life, I had been unable to protect my mother and even my little brother had died before my very eyes. Once I was reincarnated, I had promised myself that in this life, I will never let anyone sacrifice themselves for me.

    But now, Xiao Ye is in a coma because of me and even Zixie...


    I won't et Zixie leave me!

    Even if... I have to give up my own life!

    "Litte girl."

    Zixie lifted his hand and pulled Gu Ruoyun into an embrace. He gently pressed his icy cold lips to her forehead. His smile was demonic, yet mesmerizing as his slender fingers gently wiped away the tears from the corner of her eye.

    "I've told you that I'm not leaving, I'm only using some other means to stay by your side."

    How could I truly bear to leave her?


    Gu Ruoyn watched as Zixie's body crumpled to the ground and hurriedly caught him. A great anguish gripped her heart as if it had been torn to pieces. She could not be free of this pain.

    Then, before her very eyes, Zixie's body was enveloped in a purple light which glowed brighter and brighter. When the light disappeared, a magnificent phoenix appeared before her. The phoenix licked Gu Ruoyun's hand as if he was unwilling to let go of her and saying his final goodbye.

    Slowly, as if he was greatly fatigued, he slowly closed his eyes and lay down on the ground - lifeless...


    Gu Ruoyun staggered to her feet as her eyes stared dully at the phoenix lying on the ground.

    Even though she had felt equally sad and cried her heart out and wished that she could die as she saw Qianbei Ye fall to the ground, Xiao Ye was only trapped in a deep slumber. She only needed to find the Hell's Lotus and he would be revived...

    However, it seems that Zixie was now... Dead?
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