Chapter 606: Departure: An Increase In Strength (2)

    Chapter 606: Departure: An Increase In Strength (2)

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    In the remote mountain range, Gu Ruoyun's voice rang throughout the Heavens and Earth. It echoed through the atmosphere and went on, and on, and on.

    However, the still-burning purple flames suddenly glowed with a demonic light...

    A purple light blazed from within the purple flames. The light was blinding and Gu Ruoyun could not help but turn her head to look at it.

    Slowly, the flames dispersed and revealed an egg wreathed in purple light. It sat quietly on the ground where Zixie once was.

    "That's... A phoenix egg?"

    Gu Ruoyun's heart tightened violently. She quickly crawled up from the ground and rushed to the front of the phoenix egg in two large strides. With a single trembling finger, she gently stroked the oval-shaped egg.

    On the eggshell was a clear engraving of a phoenix spreading its wings and ready to soar into the skies. Gu Ruoyun could not hold back her tears and allowed them to stream freely down her face.


    She squatted down and carefully lifted the phoenix egg into a hug, pressing it firmly against her face. Her every movement was extremely gentle as if she was afraid that one wrong move could shatter the egg.

    "I understand what you mean now. When you had said that you will stay by my side in another way, this was what you had meant."Gu Ruoyun's voice unconsciously filled with emotion, "However, you're still here. This is wonderful even if you are unable to appear before me..."

    Perhaps, due to the appearance of the phoenix egg, the vicious currents and rage from within Gu Ruoyun began to slowly disappear. She laughed again. In contrast to the previous laugh which sounded like a madwoman's, this one was full of gentleness and determination.

    "Zixie, in the past, it was you who had always protected me so from now on, let me protect you. I'll never let you fall into any anger."


    Deep within the Tomb, there was indeed a hidden paradise.

    Tian Sheng's appearance here had definitely been a coincidence. It was truly this valuable cultivation ground which was calling out to Gu Ruoyun.

    The spiritual Qi in this precious land was in great abundance. Gu Ruoyun had a feeling that if she were to cultivate in a place like this, coupled with the help of the Spirit Gathering Pill, she probably would not even need a year to shoot up towards the rank of a Martial Honor.

    Hence, she did not delay any further. After placing the phoenix egg into the Ancient Divine Pagoda, she sat cross-legged on the ground and began cultivating.

    Many months of cultivation passed.

    However, once a cultivator has entered into meditation, he or she will not be able to feel the passage of time at all. As such, Gu Ruoyun, who was now cultivating from scratch, had no idea about the huge matter which had erupted during the time she had vanished from the world outside...

    The first concerns the organizations of Black Rock City who had journeyed to the Tomb on an expedition. They had encountered infinite dangers along the way and were nearly faced with a crisis many times. However, they were not able to find anything.

    That's right!

    This was like an empty grave! Not a single treasure could be found.

    Every organization had suffered heavy casualties. So, naturally, they were unsatisfied and wanted to forcibly take away the treasures collected by the Murong family in the Door of Life. Nevertheless, with Mei Xue's promise in effect, they had to temporarily let the Murong family off and allowed them to return to Black Rock City first. Initially, they had thought that this was not too bad of a situation as once they have all set foot in Black Rock City, Lord Mei Xue's promise would become null and void. How could the lone Murong family cope with the combined might of so many organizations?

    However, the most unexpected thing then happened. The members of the Black Cloud Auction had stepped in!

    If one considered the Three Great Authorities in Black Rock City to be the best of the best, then the Black Cloud Auction holds the highest position in all of the plains. They simply could not be compared with the Three Great Authorities.

    Therefore, many organizations, led by the Yeh family, could not understand why the majestic Black Cloud Auction would stand up for the Murong family!
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